Bad Blood will make you feel good on Lifetime!

Bad Blood Lifetime

Every Lifetime movie turns into Orange is the New Black.

When the blood goes bad, suddenly you have a DNA match for a serial killer who is also your stalker and frames you for murders! Damn, better keep an eye on the expiration dates! Luckily, our heroine Lauren Malone fights back against this evil man who wants to destroy her and her her motorcycle customizing business. Take that, random psycho! Bad Blood is the flick’s name, and being a movie Lifetime bought the rights to have the premiere is its game! Let’s not get into how this whole DNA match thing makes no sense, and hopefully gets explained better than the synopsis does.

Lauren Malone is happy with the life she’s built: her own place, a steady job customizing motorcycles, and a good man in Sheriff Church. While her past might have been a bit rocky, she has more than made up for it. But everything in Lauren’s life changes when the police come knocking on her door… and arrest her for murder. Lauren has no alibi, and her blood is all over the crime scene. What Lauren doesn’t know is that a serial killer named Oscar has developed an obsession with her… and that he has an exact match for Lauren’s DNA. Oscar helps her escape from custody, but Lauren slips through his fingers when she realizes who he is. Lauren finds herself caught between a psychopath determined to take her prisoner and a manhunt led by Sheriff Church. With nowhere else to turn, Lauren seeks help from her estranged ex-con father Ray, and the two team up to find a way to clear Lauren’s name… before Oscar has the chance to kill again.

Bad Blood stars Taylor Cole (April Fool’s Day), Jeff Kober (Tank Girl), Billy Miller (American Sniper), Carly Chaikin (In a World…), Brett Rickaby (Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt ), and Christine Adams (TRON: Legacy ). It’s directed by Adam Silver (The 7 Adventures of Sinbad, a lot of cinematography work) and written by Ryan Rothmaier (his first feature writing credit, a lot of editing work)

Bad Blood premieres Saturday, March 28th on Lifetime!

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