The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is a secret no more on Lifetime!

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom Lifetime

Wow, this secret sex life is too hot for tv!

Delaine Moore’s biographical book The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom gained a following in the post-50 Shades world due to its frank discussion of female sexuality without becoming outright hardcore. The fact it was well written also helped. Moore describes her adventures post-divorce, where she went on a sexual empowerment journey that let her discover that she didn’t have to be defined just as a divorced mother, but could be a whole person who could determine for herself what gave her satisfaction.

Some of the things she does would cast more towards the “deviant” side for mainstream television, but this is almost the perfect movie for Lifetime. A divorced single mom and lots of sexy empowering scenarios? Talk about your perfect target demographic material! And we all know that Lifetime will make sure something ridiculous is in there, but there should be a lot of fun, and perhaps this will even turn into an underground Lifetime classic. Not because it’s ridiculous, but because it’s a much-needed message for women today.

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom stars Alex Carter, Wesley Morgan, Jeff Roop, Ashley Jones, and Cynthia Preston. It’s directed by John L’Ecuyer (Sorority Surrogate), and Lifetime all-star Christine Conradt adapted it from Delaine Moore’s book.

Based on the memoir by Canadian author Delaine Moore.

Delaine Morris is a devoted wife and mother who has built her life — and identity — around her family. When she discovers her husband is having an affair, she’s prompted to see how broken her marriage really is; and she can no longer subsist on self-told lies and excuses.

Coaxed by friends into trying online dating, Delaine begins corresponding with “The Duke”. Even though he lives far away, she’s hooked: His views on women’s sexuality and power both shock and captivate her. Under his online ‘mentorship’, Delaine begins dating local men and rediscovering the ambition, assertiveness and sexual desire she has been missing for so many years. But despite her strides forward in reclaiming her body and self, one pervasive thought won’t leave her alone: What would happen if she and The Duke actually met?

The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom airs Saturday May 31st on Lifetime!

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