Godzilla #19 (February 1979)

Godzilla Marvel 19

Godzilla: Violent Nudist

Godzilla #19 – With Dugan on the Docks! (February 1979)
Writer – Doug Moench
Penciler – Herb Trimpe
Editor – Archie Goodwin

When last we left Godzilla, he was tiny size and loose in New York City, having just defeated a rat in ultimate combat. But to reuse an obvious joke, Godzilla was drinking milk, and soon grew up to child size. Just the size that Godzilla and Robert and run around together like they’re pals. Thus the central premise of Godzilla #19. If you are completely lost with Marvel’s Godzilla, we have a Godzilla Marvel Splash Page.

Robert now has to lead the child-sized Godzilla through the city without being seen, to get to a safe zone before Godzilla grows any bigger. Needless to say, this is easier said than done.

The cops spot them and give a short chase. Robert realizes he has to disguise Godzilla, because New York City cops in the Marvel Universe are going to stop anyone who looks non-human.

Godzilla is now wearing a trench coat and hat while walking down the street. This disguise is one of those ridiculous disguises that Marvel heroes have traditionally worn that would fool nobody. This whole sequence reminds me of some panels of What The-?! #25:

What The 25

No one suspects!

This is 1970s New York City, so the pair are quickly mugged! You would think that muggers would known not to mug obvious superhumans in disguise, but apparently not. A quick shot of fire breath solves that problem.

It’s Godzilla War Journal all of a sudden up in here…

The Godzilla Squad is dejected, having found neither hide nor hair of Big G, and yet Rob and Godzilla walk right up to them. Godzilla whips off his disguise, this is the second time he does this (first was against the muggers) and it seems someone really liked that idea.

Godzilla then grows to seven feet high as Dum Dum and Gabe attempt to capture him. At one point Godzilla hits Dum Dum and the sound effect is “SPAM”!

Godzilla then wanders away, because that’s what Godzilla does best in this series. Of course, Godzilla will continue to grow and be loose in New York City, and that won’t sit well with some Marvel Heroes, as we shall see next issue…

Godzilla Marvel 19

A Knights Tale 2: A Godzilla’s Tale

Godzilla Marvel 19

A joke so nice they used it a thousand times…

Godzilla Marvel 19

In the Marvel Universe, why is anyone in New York City trying to mug someone in a trench coat and hat?

Godzilla Marvel 19

Godzilla just loves whipping his clothes off!

Godzilla Marvel 19

Godzilla defends his title belt by tossing everyone out of the ring!

Godzilla Marvel 19 cover

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