Social Nightmare slams faces into sinks on Lifetime!

Social Nightmare

OMG I can’t solve this Candy Crush Saga level! It is such a Social Nightmare!!!

My friends, have you ever had a…..SOCIAL NIGHTMARE??? Someone posted things…on the internet…under your name? And did you get a face full of sink? Lifetime knows, and their new film Social Nightmare will expose the dark side of internet-related sink injuries!

An A-student’s life is turned upside-down when inappropriate status updates and photos appear on her online profile. She claims she is being set up, but no one believes her. Her only solace during this crisis is her mother, although even she admits that she’s not looking forward to being all alone once her daughter leaves for college. Now she must figure out who is hacking her profile before her reputation and chance to get into a good college are ruined. Maybe it’s her ex-boyfriend, a jealous friend competing for the same scholarship or someone far more dangerous than she could have ever imagined.

Gee, who could it be? The mom. It is a mystery we will never solve. The mom. I guess I’ll have to tune in on August 31st on Lifetime to find out who the evil person is (her mom) and find out what mystery is preventing her from changing her password, deactivating her account, creating a separate account, not telling her mom her password, or avoiding all sinks.

(PS the bad guy is her mom!!)

Social Nightmare airs August 31st on Lifetime. It stars Daryl Hannah (as the mom!), Kirsten Prout, Chloe Bridges, Brandon Smith, and Rachel True
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