Wingnut Web – A Nation of Teabaggers Edition

As several thousand right wingers prepare to go to their astroturfed “tea parties” where they plan to “teabag” Obama and Congress (gross!) their online presence has grown to a frothy rage at anyone who doesn’t believe that these tea parties will cause Obama to suddenly resign. No where is their rage more concentraed than at the FoxNews network of sites, as the media giant has decided to take up the flag of the tea parties and shed all its previous work to pretend it is fair and balanced. Several FoxNews anchors will be at tea parties, whipping the crowd into frenzies of hate against ACORN (who is secretly planning to disrupt the tea parties, or so this email forward told me!) and liberals in general. Asking exactly what these nutsos are protesting against will get you a host of responses, ranging from imaginary grievances to outright paranoia. I predict a lot of funny signs that are hilarious for reasons escaping the intentions of those holding them, and then nothing else except a bunch of complaints of how the media ignored them. But we’ll get plenty of crazy internet posts! We’ve started work already, collecting some fun stuff from FoxNews’s HuffingtonPost ripoff site, Don’t worry, True Believers, we got plenty of racist stuff, too! So sit back and enjoy this Wingnut Web, and make sure to drink tea while doing so! (Awake is the best tea ever!)

How dare Obama be president when a hostage crisis ends!

Let’s waste billions sending hundreds of aircraft to fight dinky fishing boats because patriot is feeling inadequate over his tiny, tiny penis

Teddy Roosevelt somehow went back in time, killed Jefferson, and took his place as president to fight with Tripoli pirates!

Obama is a MUSLIM!

NPR can’t compete, that’s why its still around…

Gay Marriage=MUSLIMS! Why didn’t I see the connection…

Gay people are sick children

MUSLIMS don’t have rights here in America! Especially little girl MUSLIMS!

Ron Howard wants Mexican Drug Cartels to invade America

Obama doesn’t have the stones to get us involved in another pointless war against a non-defined enemy!

Negro Pirates in loinclothes

If only Nobama had a brain…

I sure hate Chitown and his Long Island Iced Tea! (What?)

Chitown must be a real jerk to have these guys hating on him and his Long Island Iced Teas

Oh, snap! got owned!

I wish we weren’t so divided, its the fault of THEE FRAKKING LIBERALS! GAH!!

Chitown makes more friends

TONY C was that kid who would eat bugs for a quarter during recess

Let’s deport all Mexicans, even US citizens!

The government ruins everything, so follow the constitution! Totally not contradictory at all…

Clinton introduced the Estate Tax on July 6, 1797? He sure looks young for his age!

Ten pasty white guys with signs is so dangerous we have to bus in evil ACORNs to cause a ruckus

Chitown attack out of nowhere!

Black people!

Bill fails to understand how graduated income tax levels work

In response to a post about ACORN coming to the tea parties, “Mom” proves sometimes Mom needs to get sent to the home

Why doesn’t Obama institute conservative Republican policies? WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!

Barack Obama somehow caused the entire world’s economy to collapse as a freshman senator by laws passed before he was elected and by holding a gun to the head of greedy banks

Black people!

Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? ACORN! ACORN!

I hope ACORN nuts don’t get in my face while I am teabagging…

I will keep an eye out for this guy’s obviously gripping story!

That’s enough for now, but will continue to be a great supply of idiots saying dumb things. And that is what we love here on Wingnut Web!

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