Alien Western

A new SciFi Channel movie has reared its ugly head, this time it is Alien Western starring James Marsters, aka Spike from Buffy.

IO9 Reports:

Alien Western, a sci-fi television film about giant, vicious, alien bugs that come to earth to gorge themselves on the uranium deposits found in the ground of an Old West town, began principal photography this week in Romania starring James Marsters as Sam Danville, an outlaw who is about to be hanged when the aliens land.

Could be cool, giant alien bugs, the old west, Romania, what’s not to like?

2 thoughts on “Alien Western

  1. I think it’s long past time for James Marsters to get a new agent. He’s got talent and a good fan base but the schlock he’s chosen to do since ‘Buffy’ is utter crap.

    • His upcoming appearance in Dragonball will do him no favors as well. I hope he didn’t just give up and feels he can only make bad movies from now on, he has been in some good stuff. Maybe he just needed to pay off his mortgage.

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