Shadow of the Colossus movie lumbers forward

Shadow of the Colossus
[adrotate banner=”1″]The classic game Shadow of the Colossus has been optioned for a feature for Sony. Shadow of the Colossus is one of those games that is often mentioned in the “Are video games art?” debates, and has a whole host of obsessive fans (rightfully so!) The game may be one of the greatest of all time (though it’s no Dig Dug!)

Shadow of the Colossus was optioned in 2009, but there was little word until Chronicle director Josh Trank was attached in 2012 (he’s also working on The Red Star and the Fantastic Four reboot.) Seth Lochhead will be writing the film. This will be one of those films that everyone will have high demands of, so hopefully it gets pulled off correctly. Because if they don’t, it will be a disaster and the internet will run red with the comments of the damned!

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Shadow of the Colossus of the Movie

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‘Shadow of the Colossus’ to become a movie

By Steven Zeitchik and Borys Kit

Colo “Shadow of the Colossus” is heading to the big screen.

The colossally popular video game is being developed as a feature by producer Kevin Misher, who has set the project up at Sony; the studio’s sister division Sony Computer Entertainment is behind the video game.

Justin Marks, the go-to young scribe who’s writing “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” for McG at Disney, is attached to pen the script.

Justin Marks is the bright young lad who wrote the script for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li that made the film such a rousing success (read: flop) so this is in good hands! From the early reports of the 20,000 Leagues movie, it will be terrible as well (and a prequel!) so expect Colossus to be a colossal pile of elephant feces. Somehow Justin Marks is also penning Suicide Squad (based on the comic book) and an adaption of Hack/Slash and He-Man! Justin Marks needs to be blasted into the sun.

More accurate than anything Justin Marks will vomit onto screens

More accurate than anything Justin Marks will vomit onto screens