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Nanny Cam (Review)

Nanny Cam

aka Sitter Cam
Nanny Cam
Written by Brian McAuley
Directed by Nancy Leopardi

Nanny Cam
Oh, Lifetime. Just when you think your films have gotten boring, you throw out some crazy gems like Nanny Cam! Crazy teenage babysitters are what you get when you don’t hire exclusively through that club of babysitters, though since all those girls are grown up now, it’s what you have to do. But in addition to the baby sitter being nuts, we have a mom with secrets, adoption and abortion tragedies, parents working too hard, paranoia, and even dementia! Nanny Cam is some good Lifetime fun, bringing just enough crazy to entertain, and spreading it out to keep tight pacing.

Linda Kessler (Laura Allen) is your typical working mom who is always on her phone, to the point where her husband Mark (Cam Gigandet) hates her phone. Their one night out to celebrate their anniversary is cut short when their daughter Chloe (Farrah Mackenzie) is injured as their older babysitter Barbara has a senior moment while cooking some mac and cheese. Linda blames herself and is resolved to get a new, younger sitter. But good sitters are hard to find, and until then Chloe has to hang out at the house Mark is renovating to flip, being left unsupervised to play with nail guns.
Nanny Cam
It’s there that she makes a friend, teenage girl Heather Lambert (India Eisley), who used to nanny and is looking for some extra money before she starts school in the fall. Mark is instantly on board, but Linda is suspicious, and not just because Heather is a hot teenage girl. But her reference checks out, and Linda reluctantly hires her. Linda does get a nanny cam, hidden in an alarm clock, so she can keep an eye at home and make sure Chloe isn’t hurt again.
Nanny Cam
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Nanny Cam records babysitter treachery on Lifetime!

Nanny Cam Lifetime

I’ll save you child, by putting cameras in every object in the house!

As we all know, babysitters are instruments of the devil, sent to seduce fathers away from their families and leave mothers alone and sobbing. It’s true, all girls are brainwashed into this thanks to books like The Babysitters Club. Damn you, Stacey McGill! So it’s only natural that Lifetime yet again has a movie about an evil babysitter, a clueless husband who is easily seduced by tender young flesh, and a wife who has to sit around while it all happens around her. Luckily, now with Nanny Cam, she has a nanny cam and can spy on all the illicit action. Which is sort of perverse, but maybe she’s into it. Or probably not, as this is a Lifetime movie, not a Cinemax movie. Nanny Cam was known as Sitter-Cam during production.

Nanny Cam stars Laura Allen, Cam Gigandet, India Eisley, Farrah Mackenzie, and Monster Squad hero Andre Gower! New director Nancy Leopardi has a history of producing quality Lifetime content – Starving in Suburbia, Escape from Polygamy, and even genre films like AE: Apocalypse Earth and 100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck! This is writer Brian McAuley’s first feature.

When Linda and Mark’s elderly nanny, Mrs. Highsmith, is no longer able to care for their five-year-old daughter Chloe, they have no choice but to find a new sitter immediately. That’s when Heather enters their life. Young, gorgeous, great with kids and with a glowing recommendation, Heather seems perfect. But Linda isn’t ready to trust a new sitter with her child, and decides to keep an eye on them via nanny cams. Her curiosity turns to obsession as she notices Chloe growing more and more attached to Heather… not to mention Mark. Is Heather slowly muscling her way into Linda’s role? Things get even stranger when Mrs. Highsmith mysteriously commits suicide but it isn’t until Heather kidnaps Chloe that Linda begins to understand why Heather is here. Will Linda be able to keep Heather from doing the unthinkable by facing a past she’s tried to forget?

Nanny Cam premieres Sunday, December 28th on Lifetime!

via Lifetime!

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Kite – What in the ever loving…?

Kite India Eisley
Kite is a live-action adaptation of the anime Kite, which had a dubbed American release with a lot of things edited out, but the uncensored version features lots of graphic underage nudity/rape and violence. That alone should throw up a bunch of red flags, but put your flags away for a moment because they released a trailer and preview (featuring several scenes) that make the American version look like a gigantic fiasco.

Kite is about a young girl whose parents are murdered, and she’s turned into an assassin by corrupt cops to take down other bad people, and to get revenge on who murdered her parents. Of course there are other teenage assassins running around, and almost every character is played by a white person but keeps their Japanese name. Except Sam Jackson’s character, who gets a name change.

It looks like they copied scenes almost exactly, leading to weird things like the over acting old lady and lots of funky anime hair colors. I’m sure someone saw Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass and decided that a whole movie on the concept would be golden.

But it is terrible! Don’t take my word for it, they threw up almost ten minutes of the film for you to make your own decisions. It’s called freedom of choice!

Samuel L. Jackson as Karl Aker
India Eisley as Sawa
Callan McAuliffe as Oburi
Russel Savadier as Old Boy
Jaco Muller as Kratsov
Liam J. Stratton as Sawa’s Father
Keci Eatock as Young Sawa

Kite is directed by South African director Ralph Ziman of Gangster’s Paradise: Jerusalema fame. I hope he has another project lined up already.

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