Asylum breaks out the Jailbait

Jailbait Asylum
[adrotate banner=”1″]Asylum is back again, with their own take on the women in prison genre. Based on the graphic novel 17 & Life: Jailbait, Jailbait features a young girl thrown behind bars and forced to deal with practically every exploitation film’s vision of a women’s prison. Of course, they’re comparing it to Orange in the New Black, because never waste an opportunity to cross-promote!

After killing her stepfather in self-defense, Anna Nix is sent to a juvenile detention center. As she struggles to survive in a world of girl gangs and predatory guards, Anna must fight her dark side and stay above the fray.

Here is the slightly NSFW trailer –

Jailbait stars Sara Malakul Lane (Sharktopus), Steve Hanks, Shannon Walters, David Brite, Samantha Cardona, and Erin O’Brien. It’s directed by Jared Cohn (Atlantic Rim, 12/12/12)

Jailbait releases February 18, 2014

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