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Turkish Star Wars (Review)

Turkish Star Wars

aka Dunyayi kurtaran adam



Cuneyt Arkin as ??? (Never Caught his name)
Aytekin Akkaya as Ali
??? as The Wizard

Star Wars. One of the greatest movies ever made. It inspired an entire generation of film makers. An icon. And now, a low budget Turkish Rip-off! Yes, the Turkish have gotten a hold of Star Wars and yanked scenes for their own space fantasy extravaganza. As you may expect, it is quite a different movie, full of bad costumes and nonsensical plot. Imagine the biggest trainwreck you can possibly imagine. This is so…so…so Turkish Star Wars that you will ignore the gigantic trainwreck to catch a glimpse of this feature. I managed to get a subtitled version, and yet most of the plot still makes little or no sense. This is a long one, as a lot happens, and many things are confusing, frustrating, or just insane. But it’s a Hell of a ride.

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Posted by Tars Tarkas - November 21, 2004 at 10:19 pm

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3 Dev Adam aka Turkish Spiderman

3 Dev Adam

aka 3 Mighty Men aka Turkish Spiderman
3 Dev Adam
Aytekin Akkaya as Captain America
Yavuz Selekman as El Santo

From deep in the bowels of Turkey comes this instant winner of insanity! The Turkish film industry has an obsession with making low budget rip offs of American films, and in this case, they’ve pilfered Spiderman, and threw in Captain America, and even El Santo! Direct from bootleg tape to your computer. Subtitles? Who needs them! It’s not like this movie was long on plot anyway. Knowing what was going on would probably make it unwatchable.

3 Dev Adam
3 Dev Adam
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Posted by Tars Tarkas - August 12, 2004 at 10:03 pm

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