It Came From Halloween Tumblr

Time for some more gifs I ganked from Tumblr, because that’s some easy content, baby! As usual, we will link to sources if we can, but I won’t link if I have no idea where it came from or if it is something that obviously isn’t from where I found it. Don’t forget to follow Our Exciting Tumblr, which is occasionally even active!

Betty Boop's Halloween Party
via mothgirlwings

McNuggets Halloween Dracula
Everyone loves the McNuggets, now in Dracula form! Gif made from this lovely vintage commercial

Batgirl Yvonne Craig Halloween
Even Batgirl likes Halloween!

Mars Pennsylvania postcard costumes BBC
These are Martian costumes used by the BBC for The Vikings Trip to the Planet Mars in 1976. The photograph was taken in Mars, Pennsylvania, and has made its way into pop cultures in things such as postcards.

Luminous Pain
Everyone likes skeletons!
via spicyhorror

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