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Tumblr is cool, we got Tumblrs, the only problem is the Tumblr stuff stays on Tumblr and not here on TarsTarkas.NET, where different people are. Well, time to solve that problem by highlighting cool Tumblr stuff here and getting a bigger audience for everyone and everything. And cool free content!

Sometime I’ll have comments, and sometimes things will speak for themselves. As usual, we will link to sources if we can (though I’m not linking to NSFW stuff), but I won’t link if I have no idea where it came from or if it is something that obviously isn’t sourced from where I found it.

So let’s get dangerous!

Fist Faces
This gets up because I actually own this. My grandma had it in a box as it used to belong to my mom and my uncle when they were kids. Lo and behold I and my sister quickly adopted this cool kit once I found it. It now sits in a box with other stuff at my mom’s house, awaiting the day I own a house for it to occupy before my kids discover it.

The kit has some goofy faces and wigs (and a scarf!) that you could make fist faces with. There was also a red pen for making red lips, but that has long since gone bad. And who needs red lips when you got goofy faces? Literally hours of fun.

via Vintage Toy Archive

Skeletor Wants to Feel Bad He-Man Christmas
Too true!

Dogs on the Moon
I have no clue where this image in my Tumblr folder came from, but it rules so here it is!

Dancing Baby Groot
From the best movie about a tree man and a raccoon in 2014!

Disco Grover
Damn, Grover’s got some sweet fashion sense! He’s brought to you by the letters “D” and “F”, for Disco Fever!
via Dollmeat

ET Coors Phone Home Drinking Driving ad
This real ad I remember thanks to looking in old magazines as a child. Now it exists in scanned on the internet form. Only ET can prevent drunk driving, even though he got drunk in the movie ET and almost lead to children fornicating in school. Just try not to think about that, and don’t drink and drive. Or ET will kill you.

Crash ZX Spectrum Zoids are Coming
I admit I have no idea what Martech’s Zoids are, but they do make an awesome magazine cover! Turns out Zoids is a toy line by Tomy, and Martech made a game called Zoids: The Battle Begins. A game that’s now abandonware. The Zoids toy line has a been up and down the past 30 years, and after looking them up I began vaguely remembering them, though I never owned any.
via Space, Gore, and Dinosaurs

Thunder Robot Toy
Thunder Robot, made in Japan. Nice box art, exciting 1950s stuff.
via Fortune Cookie

Ultraman Spectreman Superman Japanese album
Remember when Superman, Spectreman, and Ultraman teamed up to fight all sorts of monsters, and then there was an album? Because apparently that happened and it has cool art!
via kazuyahyoudou

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