Erotic star Shanti Dynamite to get her Bollywood due!

Shanti Dynamite Loads[adrotate banner=”1″]Erotic model (or “porn star” if you’re writing headlines!) Shanti Dynamite is set to make her Bollywood debut in the upcoming film Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein! She’ll just have a featured role as an item girl, not a starring part, but that’s all the producer needs to get all sorts of free press. Hey, wait a minute, Rupesh Paul tricked me! Why, that guy…

Yes, producer Rupesh Paul has cast her, but he’s known to push boundaries. Aside from getting his first featured denied by the censor board (The Temptation Between My Legs), Paul directed Kamasutra 3D, an upcoming 3D erotic film that has made a lot of money already just from presale rights. It also claims to be the first Indian movie shot entirely at sea (on two custom-made boats) and mentions the Oscars several times in the trailer. So, yeah. Take everything with a grain of salt. Yes, I’ll watch it when it’s available. Because that’s what I do.

Chal Doctor Doctor Khelein is a comedy thriller about medical students and stars Saurabh Kumar and Sonel Singh. It is directed by Saurabh Malik. There have been articles about this since 2013, but if you haven’t heard it, it’s news to you!

Shanti Dynamite is following the footsteps of adult actress Sunny Leone, who debuted in 2012’s Jism 2 and has gone on to to appear in several other Indian films.

After doing some research, I’m pretty sure Shanti Dynamite is not even a porn star, just a woman who is naked and does erotic stuff. But as stated above, porn star makes for better headlines, and so it is reported as such everywhere. Except for TarsTarkas.NET! We do a search on Google, thus making us the leading news source in the universe. It’s easy to be this good when everyone else is so bad!

via Times of India

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