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Daughter of smoke and bone

Time for more greenlighted YA books with gimmicks! “Why?”, you might ask? It’s because these are generally very very cheap, come witht heir own entrenched fanbase, and there is always the potential Twilight/Hunger Games mega-million$. So expect more and more YA films to get greenlit even if you don’t like them! One of these entries won’t even get published for well over a year! So far no casts are attached.

The book: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (a trilogy, 3rd book due in 2014)
The gimmick: A 17 year old woman dates an angel, and there is a war against demons
Why it might be good: Laini Taylor has hot pink hair in every photo I’ve found of her. The setting of Prague means they can use a cheap European crew to keep costs down.
Why it might suck: It sounds like City of Bones, and we all know how well that did! Laini Taylor has hot pink hair in every photo I’ve found of her. Director Michael Gracey is a visual effects man with no completed directorial films yet. They probably won’t use “How Do You Talk to an Angel” by The Heights on the soundtrack.

The book: The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (will not even be published until 2015!)
The gimmick: in a dystopian future, people are divided up based on the color of their blood. A 17 year old woman becomes a revolutionary leader
Why it might be good: Breaking Bad writer Gennifer Hutchison will be adapting it. It’s been called Graceling meets The Selection.
Why it might suck: This sounds like The Hunger Games except with a racism allegory for babies. Also the book won’t be published for two years, which makes it sound like it was picked up because the author knows someone, not because the book is any good. No one outside of the YA world knows what the hell I am talking about when I say “Graceling meets The Selection

Never fear, there will surely be more and more YA books…in the FUTURE!

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