Beware the Zombeavers!


The beaver shot takes on new dimensions in the 21st Century…

Zombeavers is one of those titles you throw out when dropping potential SyFy channel puns, but now it’s going to be a real film. Comedian turned writer/director Jordan Rubin made a concept trailer edited out of other horror films and nature documentaries, which proved effective enough to score up some funding of his own for Zombeavers. The under $2 million budget allows for flexibility on how to distribute, but don’t fret, first they’re going to try the traditional market with Sundance and SXSW screening attempts to shore up interest. Even if that doesn’t pan out, the budget is low enough they could probably make most of it back via the traditional markets for films like SyFy and international distribution.

Zombeavers has what it suggest, zombie beavers that got a knack for devouring a bunch of teens and teen-like humans. Bill Burr and Cortney Palm are listed on the IMDB as some of the stars, though no idea how big their roles are.

Tagline? “Next summer, you will all be dammed.”

Time via DreadCentral

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