Zero heroes coming to a theater near you! Captain Canuck and the Human Fly!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Lost in the shuffle of the big Comic-Con super hero movie announcements were a few announcements of smaller super hero flicks that will certainly excite someone. Maybe.

First up is everyone’s favorite maple syrup loving super hero, Captain Canuck! Yes, that’s an actual comic book character, older than me even, and now he’s heading for the big screen. In fact, the official announcement was at last year’s Comic-Con, but this year they announced that there was a writer for the film! Arne Olsen, famed scribe of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: the Movie, is doing the script. The Captain Canuck series began in 1975, where the first Captain Canuck patrolled Canada in the futuristic world of 1993, where “Canada had become the most powerful country in the world.” I’m not sure who Captain Canuck fought against, but it was probably radioactive beavers. Minds Eye Entertainment is the group bringing Captain Canuck to the screen.

Next up is a super hero who was briefly a Marvel comics character, and was sort of based on a real person! The Human Fly. You all remember him? Described as an “accident victim turned pacifist acrobat, the wildest hero of all…because he’s real!” He also smacks sharks with a cane, according to the cover of his comic book that I haven’t read. But scour those 10 for a dollar bins and you’ll be sure to find some back issues of The Human Fly. Rick Rojatt is the stunt guy he’s supposedly based on. Also a Human Fly showed up on an episode of the Simpsons, he stayed up all night dying his underwear. Such is the heroic pedigree of Human Flies! Eisenberg-Fisher Productions is independently producing this, which will hopefully cash in on all that Ant-Man money.

I hope both of these two films do well and then the heroes team up to fight Beaver Sharks! That’s a billion dollar movie idea, right there!

Captain Canuck news via QuietEarth

Human Fly news via Beyond Hollywood

Human Fly

Using a cane? We all know Dr. House is the Human Fly!

Captain Canuck

Time for hockey, eh!!!

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