2011 TarsTarkas.NET Year in Review

2011 was a banner year for TarsTarkas.NET (as usual!) It is the year we got our mojo (and pageviews) back! It’s the year we got two lawsuit threats. It’s the year we got banned from Google Adsense. We started getting into free sneak previews of films, giving TarsTarkas.NET scoops on films like The Smurfs Our video and podcasts also continued and got better.

For 2012, we have a slew of things lined up, both new and old. Some of the upcoming projects I won’t mention so I don’t jinx them. But we will have more podcasts. More Infernal Brains. More discount Puppet Explosion 411. More weirdo obscure stuff. More awesome less obscure stuff. More reviews. More movie news. More book reviews. More things on the TarsTarkas.NET Blog that don’t seem to be entirely movie related. We’re going to finish some of the projects we’ve started and abandoned on the way (or at least get them closer to completion!) We’re going to pump out some of the 90 drafts sitting in WordPress at 90% done.

Thank you for your support from 2004-2012, and beyond. TarsTarkas.NET hopes to continue to earn your views by giving you quality content and reviews.

Potato Judge

The Potato Judge finds you....GUILTY!!!

2 thoughts on “2011 TarsTarkas.NET Year in Review

  1. Congrats on an awesome year, dude! You can bet your ass I’m stickin’ around until your website becomes sentient and murders everyone.

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