Come for the tea parties, stay for the N-word

At the current CODE RED ALERT OBAMACARE HOLOCAUST 2010 PATRIOT CRYBABY March happening now in DC, the teabaggers are staying classy by dropping the n-word at various black Congressmen, the f-word at Barney Frank, and spitting on at least one member of Congress. And that doesn’t count the morons carrying around signs with pictures of guns and threatening violent overthrow of the government. If I have time tonight, I will do a run down of the various crazy over-reactions on FR and Resistnet (which pushes back the fan-fiction, Census freakout, and FoxNation articles…sigh…so much crazy, so little time!)

And since when does John Amato speak internet slang?

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Written by Tars Tarkas

Tars Tarkas

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