Battle Beasts toy review

TW2005 has posted a video review of That New Toy Smell that reviews the new Battle Beast toy from Minimates (created by Art Asylum and Diamond Select Toys), an alternate paint job having been given out at the recent toy show. It alieves a few of my criticisms that the toys might be too lego-ish and not Battle Beasts enough, but he also harps on the main concern I also have, the lack of the rub badges. Although cheesy, they helped define the Battle Beast toy line and the lack of rubs/symbols/orbs is a real let down. And that sword sucks! I will probably pick up a few of the toys to see how they are, but the review did make me more likely to pick up more of them than before. Though, currently, Gormiti seems more like the spiritual successor to Battle Beasts at the moment.

As a giant Battle Beasts nut, I will be keeping an eye on this line!

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