Wingnut Web – FreeRepublic is 100% Bad Apple Racists Edition

[adrotate banner=”1″]Remember back in the day when went super-racist and started attacking Barack Obama’s 11 year old daughter and flinging around monkey references like a pack of KKK rejects? Then FreeRepublic’s spokesperson, Liar Liarson, got on tv and claimed it was only one or two guys who were banned and that they would never tolerate such racism? And then all of us laughed because Liar Liarson was lying and no one was punished though image caption threads were discouraged for a bit? Well, image caption threads are no longer discouraged so it is open season for to make racist comments about Obama’s family! Including some of the same racist fraknuts who Liar Liarson said didn’t exist last time! Keen! Wingnut Web is not fooled, because Wingnut Web sees all.

But before that, I needed a place to put this, a guy explaining how Teabagging (the sex act, not the morons with signs) isn’t gay!
I don’t want to know how wives can do it.

Oh, no…my Spider-Sense is tingling!

See…because they are monkeys! Black people are monkeys!

Canada must not have had TV during 2001-2008 when Bush was on his ranch for months at a time.

Yes, very hilarious.

I don’t know what this post says because I lost my Freeper-to-English dictionary. I think he is saying he likes to screw turtles.

Nateman is a superhero and a racist.

All Blacks hate the crackas!

NOT! You had me there, manc!

How dare those Ghetto Negroes love their children in public!?! MONSTERS!!

mojitojoe (one of the biggest racist fraknuts last time) is back to attack Obama children like a real man!

Las Vegas Ron’s mom must be proud of what her son did today!

OMG you didn’t!

mojitojoe for the racism slam dunk!

jumping to a second caption thread, mojitojoe is there to racism it the frak up!

Imagine if you will were I to post something like this about George W. Bush in 2002. I’d still be in Guantanamo!

mojitojoe is GI Joe’s retarded little brother.

Let’s just randomly claim things and declare it true!

mojitojoe is more obsessed with how Michelle Obama looks than Michelle Obama!
Join us next time, for FreeRepublic’s Declaration of FreeperNation! Complete with a billion examples of terrible patriotic art. It’s like a flag puked on a bald eagle.

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