Wingnut Web – Novelty American Flag edition

I believe it was on Resistnet that I first spotted this:

The headline of the post read: NOT A PHOTOSHOP OBAMA ON THE AMERICAN FLAG. What a travesty, right? Our sacred American flag, a banner that represents the United States of America and has been forever tarnished by that Obama Marxist in the White House screwin up our country. Not that the American flag has EVER been appropriated for something other than a high-flying symbol of our nation (forget all the coffee mugs, denim jackets, lapel pins, tee-shirts, bumper stickers, campaign signs, PAC websites, and Presidents Day sale TV commercials). No, our country is too upstanding to let a great symbol like the American Flag be sold as a common commodity.

But I think the best part of this whole flag flap are the conservative news articles about this atrocity and the complete lack of context and information they provide with this so called story. The regurgitated headline repeated through out the Right Wing’s echo chamber of “news” is “Will Media Help Sell the New Obama American Flag?”. First of fucking all, the only place I’ve seen this story has been in the CONSERVATIVE MEDIA OUTLETS.

Put aside the fact that the article failed to mention that the picture of the flag in question is a single custom job that flys proudly (I assume) on the property of a man in Kokomo, IN (I had to browse through six different right wing blogs that linked through each other to find the original story on FreeRepublic). A few of the blogs I came across accused the property owner of being a *gasps* union member and part of the UAW, but no, he is not selling these flags. A few comments from the Freep post turned up a sole eBay member who had a listing up for one such flag, a listing that has since been taken down. But despite the fact that this flag is not a product of the Liberal media, the only people who are talking about it and who fear the media promoting the sale of this flag IS THE CONSERVATIVE MEDIA. It’s enough bile-churning irony to make you want to punch Andrew Breitbart in the face.

But onto another point, this is not the first nor the last time someone is going to take the image of our American flag and put a thing on it. How about you get outraged every time someone comes up with a new design for the stars and bars? How about you get outraged every time you see our sacred American flag get cheapened by being printed on another sweatshirt or shot glass or commemorative spoon? Oh, but no one else has ever hijacked the flag the way Obama supposedly has (this flag by the way Obama was working on personally in his basement, or that’s what the Right would want you to believe). No, no one has ever changed any  part of the American flag before in order to make a quick buck:

Somali pirates are the nefarious people responsible for this version. Or some guy on eBay.

And of course the hippies want their piece of the pie too.

Damn, maybe the hippies have a monopoly on this stuff.

Motorcycle and Eagle America

This one is pretty badass actually. I’ll take 2.

So, dumb-ass Right Wing, atleast be consistent if you’re going to get all whiny when some guy on eBay sells an American Flag novelty. It’s enough to make me want to GET AMERICAN ALL OVER EVERYBODYS ASSES

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