Wingnut Web – MSNBC Started All Racism Edition

Yesterday we brought you part one of an exciting expose of racism in “approved by moderation” comments on Now we present Part 2, where the Racial Holy War (RAHOWA) reaches new heights of open racism and no sign of moderators stopping this. All comments are approved by moderators. So we can only assume that Fox News and NewsCorp by extension see nothing wrong with what you are about to read.

wakeuppeople shows how truly despicable the typical FoxNation poster is

Even blacks want to move away from blacks. I have no concept of how crushing poverty breeds crime.

A poster welcomes a race war, and gets two people agreeing with him!

Renewed? More like openly exposed in the likes of you.

Obama is literally Hitler because of things I can’t be bothered to even briefly list. But it’s true!

Gee, if I make fun of this KKK solder mother frakker, I’ll be accused of hating the troops! But fuck this guy.

What? The? Hell? Is? With? The? Question? Marks? ??

When I read posts like this, I cry.
fn28.jpg approves this comment. NewsCorp approves of their audience longing to kill minorities in a race war.

wakeuppeople continues to be totally racist.

This comment starts out weird, but then Jaimo shows up and totally makes you want to nuke FoxNation’s servers from orbit.

Black people should bow down and kiss my ring because of Michael Jordon getting money or something.

All stay at home moms are parasites, gotcha.

Seth Oregon is the king of RAHOWA

MSNBC is entirely responsible for racism in America

I am not sure what Megan Fox has to do with RAHOWA, but then is stupid.

That’s just I am sure FreeRepublic will be racism free……when pigs fly!!!! Tune in to the next Wingnut Web to see the Freepers declare their RAHOWA love!

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