Wingnut Web – Sarah Palin is a Quitter Edition!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Sarah Palin shocked everyone with a rambling speech where she resigned as governor because she is a quitter who likes to cut and run. This made everyone in the entire universe go insane. The same responses are on every wingnut site out there, with people bitterly divided on if it is a shrewd move, or if she flushed it all away. reacts to Sarah Palin quitting her governorship by going bananas, and as that is where I copied and pasted these quotes from, that is where we will be talking about on this Wingnut Web!

Dan in Savannah has some questions

Dubhs shows how the GOP is reaching out to minorities

A Vietnam Veteran who still has acne? Must be the roids…

Dubhs and be are the classiest guys on

Joey will be back!

Remember, Dubhs comment passed the moderation queue without incident on

be’s call for murder is perfectly acceptable for the moderators of this Fox News website!

be is so angry that liberals would dare insult children…

let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be…

Remember, approved by the moderators….

T.A. Tate plus 8 (feet of beer belly)

LADYNRED70461 doesn’t realize Sarah will just quit doing that, also!

If Sarah can’t handle the lower 48 liberals, what will she do when she has to fight the upper 48 liberals?


StandUpAmerica? More like KnockedUpAmerica!

Reactions are still coming in and crazy is everywhere, but this little slice of approved by moderators Fox News postings is done for now. Wingnut Web is out!

10 thoughts on “Wingnut Web – Sarah Palin is a Quitter Edition!

  1. Dubhs and be are the worst.

    For ‘be’ it’s absolutely unacceptable for people to make fun of Palin’s white children – but go ahead and trash Obama’s kids all you want. In fact, refer to them all as degenerate animals in racist tripe while you’re at it.

    Meanwhile Dubhs is one hair trigger away from shooting a holocaust museum guard.

  2. I love the guy who basically says it’s okay Bristol got pregnant at 17 because hey, his daughter did too, and so did yours, probably. American values!

    Is it bad that that upsets me more than all the chimp quotes? Those are just… silly to me. The daughter-bashing has to stop. Come on.

  3. Lauren: The daughter bashing is rather upsetting, especially the ones saying “IT’S OK SINCE THEY WENT AFTER SARAH’S KIDS”. Which, along with everything else it indicates, shows a willingness to drag people who really don’t have a choice in being public figures through the dirt for what their parents do.

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