Wingnut Web – Letterman makes me hate the darkies edition

[adrotate banner=”1″]Oh, David Letterman. One simple joke about a knocked up daugther of Sarah Palin has turned into fake outrage by pretending it was about a different, younger daughter and conservatives playing angels that would never insult young children, while 100% remaining silent on the onslaught of jokes about Chelsea when Clinton was in office! Even John McCain made tasteless jokes at a child’s expense, along with their lord and master, Rush Limbaugh. What was originally going to be a failed look as some random Letterman comments turned into something special thanks to my favorite racist from, Ann, who goes even more off the deep end than usual to attack the Obama children while simultaneously attacking Letterman for attacking children. The trainwreck is a thing of beauty, and the thread is still ongoing.

We start out with…

I have no idea what Delores CH WV’s point is

Jim Long Beach wants to beat up a TV personality because of a joke that he doesn’t understand

Now, nothing too exciting was being posted, so I was all set to let it go. Until I checked out…

Ann goes balls to the walls racist

Ann hopes you aren’t offended…by her views on ugly people!

Ann’s thoughts on the appearance of black people couldn’t possibly be accepted by the community there, right?

Madison and Ann have concern for the children, whose parents are filled with hate. No, not their own children…

RikBrooks shows there is at least one semi-decent guy left on (they will run him off the site soon enough!)

Ann claims she has black friends, like they all do.

RikBrooks tries to talk sense into her…

Ann declares she isn’t racist, and her imaginary black friend also thinks Michelle is “ugly”, so therefore the comments are justified, see!

RikBrooks calls her out

Ann becomes a crybaby! And Ann, you ARE a racist!

Alex Fitch chimes in about how integration destroyed America! How dare you call him racist for hating the darkies!

Mindy also joins the Ann Fan Club of Racist Resisters

Phil shows he loves underage girl incest blowjobs! Let’s hear it for Phil, posting from jail!

Ann begins attacking everyone, even supporters

Ann starts to explode like a volcano of hate!

And Ann begins to play the victim. Black people are the real racists.

That is sadly the end for now, but the thread is still ongoing and if Ann posts her sob story about how one of her racist tirades went awry I’ll add it up. was laying low for a while, but the crazy racism is back, baby! Until then, Wingnut Web is out!

5 thoughts on “Wingnut Web – Letterman makes me hate the darkies edition

  1. I dont think Ann is entirely wrong.Takes a bit of courage to speak truths from one’s experiances in life , but naturally that courage comes from the experiences themselves. Something those with a media voice can not claim to have much of..thus the socialist insanity in gov&media (<one word).Its very sad to see the great nation of America go down this way, kind of like cancer..The solution i would think is to obey the Constitution and clean house..

    • Enjoy your socialist police protection, socialist fire protection, socialist mail delivery, socialist road you drive to work on, socialist military protection, socialist school education, and internet developed by socialist funding!

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