TarsTarkas.NET is five years old

Toy Story Aliens
TarsTarkas.NET hit five years old this week. What started out as fun with the upping of Catwomen on the Moon (and terribly written, I might add!) is now 283 reviews, along with Battle Beast stuff, the Wingnut Web, an active blog with cult movie news, actual researched articles, and even assisting in the destruction of a crazy racist’s congressional campaign. We have a healthy average of 1250 people visiting each day, and stay in the black from the ads. The most important part is the relationships with other webmasters and readers I have forged over the years. Without any of you, the site would still be here, but it wouldn’t be as great as it is. Five years is only the beginning.

Now if you excuse me, I have to finish up a review about Sek Kin and his giant foot…

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