The Story of Kittens

[adrotate banner=”1″]So the big news around the household this week was me finding three kittens Wednesday night at 10:00pm. I went on a late night run to get some water from the WaterMill (basically, a machine that dispenses filtered water, because the tap water at home is beyond terrible even with a Pur filter on it) and as I drove up, there were three kittens sitting in a crevice by the machine. There are a lot of stray animals in town, but usually the cats are older and run away the second anyone even looks at them. The kittens stayed put, not old enough to even know what to do. I am not about to just leave kittens alone in a dark parking lot near a busy street, so I grabbed them. Two of them were easy to catch, but one decided he didn’t want to be caught and started to run off. It was very dark, so I lost sight of him and he disappeared through a hole in the fence. I went to the other side (where a carwash is) and there was no sign of him, but I heard meowing back by the WaterMill and the kitten was over there crying for his siblings. So the last one got picked up and home they went.

The first thing we did was give them some food (water, milk, and tuna) It has been years since I owned a kitten so I didn’t know if they would eat solid foods (later learned they were about 8 weeks, so they ate fine) and they wolfed down the food like they hadn’t eaten in days. They may not have. Then we gave them a quick bath because they smelled. The bath helped some, but not all the way.

As we are moving in two weeks and don’t live anywhere that we can have cats, much less three of them, there is no way we can keep the kittens no matter how cute they are. So I looked up local shelters for the next day, which is when we had to give them up. So it is sad that we had cute kittens for one day, but happy that they will probably get adopted quickly and find good homes that are better able to take care of them at the moment. The adoption agency gave us their ID papers, so we can call a hotline with the number and see if they have been adopted, and if they haven’t after a certain period we’ll just go and claim them so they don’t get put down, but I don’t think they will stick around long.

So here are pictures of the three kittens:

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