Karen Mok – Habitat for Humanity volunteer

[adrotate banner=”1″]More Karen Mok news as she is the Ambassador of the Hong Kong Film Fest, as well as doing volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity. She continues to be a busy girl.

Karen Mok offers free service as ambassador of Hong Kong Film Fest

Despite of the economy downturn, the 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival will not be cutting costs. Besides arranging for 300 over films from 50 countries to be screened between Mar 22 to Apr 13, the committee has also engaged an artiste, for the first time, to be ambassador of the festival, to spread its influence outwards.

First ambassador of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Karen Mok, told reporters that she accepted the offer immediately and will not be accepting any rewards for the job.

Karen Mok is also planning to produce and star in film about former athlete Wang Junxia
Karen Mok
Karen Mok
Karen Mok

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