Rare Movie Time!!!!! – THE FANTASY OF DEER WARRIOR – 1961 (aka The Beginning of Spotted Deer)

(NOW UPDATED!)Not much is known about this 1961 film that must be the most awesome thing this side of the great wall. In what looks like a Chinese version of those Mexican Little Red Riding Hood movies, we got early Taiwanese actors prancing around in animal costumes. Seriously. Check out this sweet poster:

Chinese Deer Movie

A clip of the film:

Dianying links: English, Chinese
Cast list:
Bai Hong … Miss Deer
Lin Lin … The Fox
Lin Longsong
Xu Yu
Ou Yunlong
Liu Yunlong
Li Minlang
Yang Weixi
Wang Ge
Zhou Wanfen

All other information on this film is in Chinese. I have run it through babelfish, because wordpress freaks out if I try to copy Chinese characters onto it, I can’t copy them over (anyone know what to do for Chinese in wordpress??) The translations are rough, as it some of the “English” reviews. That clips of the film exist show that it must be around, in some form. Hopefully there is a release out there. I will be keeping my eye open for this one.

Here is a wikipedia page, in Chinese.

A long article on the film in Chinese

This site lists the film, and the title literally translates to “The beginning of spotted deer”
Ran Through Babelfish

Hemophagia wolf fierce and brutal, the seductress directs the wolf, the sika to revenge, Miss Lu unreasoning passion—— Is the same with all heroic story, behind each hero has an unknown start also to have the woman who audiences all know, BATMAN ” Decisive battle time ” , ” Exceeds others in ability first volume of ” , ” Night of evil spirit variant ” , spider man, X-man…. Each people want to ask these heroes before being engaged in the heroic enterprise to make anything, the BATMAN is the wealthy family shopkeeper’s children who parents double perish (approves! Looks for the husband is must select this kind), the superhuman is the outside star baby who parents double perish usually works as reporter, the night of evil spirit variant is blind person attorney who parents double perish and has not raised the seeing-eye dog, the spider man is parents double perishes the student who looks after depending on the aunt, X-man too many people omits, not wrong, you discovered that by the above several examples, surpasses 80% heroes is since childhood the dead parents, although with bursts into tears sowing seeds, must like the harvest to describe that is not too appropriate, no matter but how saying that the story always like this starts. Also has how many people to know that now the chivalrous person sika’s story

I wanted already not to be possible to test, let us from the playbill title, was returning to same year’s scene with me (this is some television news station habitually using grammar), the words said the chivalrous person sika or fawn’s time (personal servant compared to almost great time, but nose was black), the one day of forest had the fire, Lu Balu the mother escaped without enough time has been burnt, grew up day-by-day along with the fawn, it changed is stronger, a on silique, (development process please have also referred to lion king), one day of he had no intention to discover, originally in the pastThat fire is not an accident, is the hemophagia wolf to eat roasts the ripe meat to put intentionally, is only to satisfy desire of the own food and drink to kill many innocent micro-organisms unexpectedly, the chivalrous person sika decides to revenge, to complete inside the eradication forest evil animal—The hemophagia wolf, he decided that is also cooperating according to the BATMAN pattern with also evil animal fox young lady (looks like cat female), he planned that (this which tempts the hemophagia wolf using the seductress decolorization to tempt well him starts nearby Shan ? who is worth mentioning is the entire play’s essence, idea is meticulous, fox with wolf appearance, size only has not missed likely many, if asked hippopotamus young lady to develop does has pounded, moreover hippopotamus could not leave water to be too long, also possibly first rolled to Shan ?bian), all were being planned, silique’s male deer in spring

Has the fall time is very fierce, casual for goes against the hemophagia wolf descends the mountain ?, the story had finished, this story also has an important role is ” Lu Yeshi ” Was also Miss Lu (audiences all knows has been all wet, came in quickly), he was the chivalrous person sika’s friends from childhood, the sika also likes him, but he will be a vase will only cause trouble, therefore did not waste the length to give unnecessary detail, you knew behind all heroes had the woman who held back, but on the other hand, these heroes because these women are really not a hero, this was the chivalrous person sika’s origin—-Let us cheer the slogan together: Natural scenery, animal attire, chivalrous person sika!!!!

This makes a lot of sense. Okay, how about another viewpoint…

Here is some info on a site that I can’t find the link to anywhere:

1961 Taiwan 35mm B&W 87mins

The happy lives of animals in the forest are stirred by the sudden attack of a pack of wolves. Following the chaos, new drama and complications are introduced and the forest is forever changed. This is not a children’s animation film but a film in which a group of the most popular actors in the 50s and 60s dressed up in animal suits to play out this slapstick comedy.

Note the bad translation of the name, but I think that is how it was marketed. Some older Chinese films don’t have English translations at all, and many other are just literal translations.

Older poster:
Chinese Deer Movie

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