Cleavagefield and Monster


Cleavagefield is an erotic parody of the Cloverfield film from the mind of Jim Wynorski. What started out as a joke on the Retromedia forum has blossomed into a full-scale movie production, filled with naked chicks and a giant monster.


A bunch of hot chicks are having a slumber party for their friend Tiffany, who’s off to Sweden to make a high end Triple X movie. The festivities are in high gear; but then a giant monster inexplicably invades Los Angeles. One girl videos everything as the babes make a run for it through the city. But there are more things to beware of beside the monster. According to some naked hotties seen in an alley way, the monster is covered with moth-mites that drop off its slimy body then attack unwary female victims, chewing off their clothes. It’s a harrowing night for all involved.

Blimp Boy substituting for the head of the Statue of Liberty:
Blimp Boy
Sent by Jim himself to Deadly DVD!
More images as Undead Backbrain

Not the only Cloverfield-style film coming out. The Polonia Brothers, who gave the world Feeders, Feeders 2, and many more movies some people would rather forget, have one last film coming out. (Last due to the untimely death of John Polonia at 39) This film is called Monster, and . Oddly enough, the Asylum ripoff movie of Cloverfield ended up simply being called Monster, and by all accounts it was the worst movie the Asylum ever did. Will Mark and John Polonia redeem the movie title Monster?

Bigger and badder than CLOVERFIELD… more intense than BLAIR WITCH… it’s America’s most monstrous home movies! Eight rolls of badly damaged 16mm film reveal one of the most bizarre cover-ups in the annals of true-life events. Suppressed from the public, the contents of the film cans unspool, telling the simple documentation of four buddies and their weekend outdoors, but quickly turning into a terrifying menace in the form of strange reptilian lizards. Did they rise from the lake? What was left of the town they trampled underfoot? Could they be tied in to all the disappearances? Don’t believe everything you see… experience it!


Pictures of one of the Monsters here

More monster fun in 2008!

Thanks to Avery!

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