Crawler – Killdozer but not made for TV!

In the tradition of Killdozer and that guy who went crazy and turned a bulldozer into an armored death machine that was on the news comes Crawler!
The plot:

A group of construction workers
fight for their lives as their 50 tons bulldozer
appears to have a life of its own, and
an insatiable hate for the living.

Written by Sv Bell and Robbie Ribspreader.
Sv Bell is also Producer / Director

Yes, an ancient evil possesses another bulldozer and people get bulldozed. To death. By evil. Dozer evil. As Killdozer is still MIA on DVD, it is good to see more bulldozer terror. No word on if there will be a tie-in Marvel Comic like Killdozer got.

Official site
teaser trailer:

With all the fancy, crazy construction machines that are out there it is a wonder there aren’t more movies like this.

Thanks to Avery for another scoop! A bulldozer scoop!

3 thoughts on “Crawler – Killdozer but not made for TV!

  1. Now this could be a freakin’ lot of fun!! With this ‘Blood Car’ and ‘Hybrid’ with killer cars…is there some sort of revival of a sub-genre of horror going on??

  2. Always cool to see people discussing our little film project all over the place!

    Crawler, though influenced by the original novel Killdozer, has very little to do with the book or the 70s TV movie. No connection with the original story, I would love to tell more, but that would be too much of a spoiler. :o) Stay tuned!!


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