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I figured I should probably do small articles about each one of the sites I link to, as I have chosen them important enough to link to for one reason or another. So I’ll start with the newest one, Cinema Suicide

Cinema Suicide is “A Celebration of Cheap Thrills”, run by Bryan White who I have run into on Something Awful and Badmovies.org. He has a relatively new blog where he writes reviews of the many films he watches, most of which are the trashy variety. That makes him a kindred spirit to here, as TarsTarkas.NET is filled with all sorts of horrible crap in addition to hidden gems (or not so hidden gems.) We’ve both survived Catman 2: Boxer’s Blow (a badge of honor there!), he’s discovered the 9 Deaths of the Ninja, and he even has gone over a Turkish film Son Osmanli: Yandim Ali.

Tars Tarkas says check him out!

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