The Fruit is Ripe 33D

UPDATE: Click here for a FULL REVIEW of 33D Invader!

The Fruit is Ripe 33D – 蜜桃成熟时33D – is the first of the parade of 3D category III films that will hit theaters in the wake of 3D Sex and Zen. (Category IIID?) If the title sound vaguely familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen the VCD/DVD/VHS for The Fruit is Ripe 3 at your local video store years ago.

The Fruit is Ripe 33D ramps up the confus-o-vision by having a second title already, The 33D Invader. Lead actress is newcomer Macy Wu Qing-Qing (who also goes by either name), and the other touted female talent is AV Stephy. That’s the Japanese adult actress Akiho Yoshizawa, who vaguely looks like Stephy Tang if you squint, but gets billed as AV Stephy nevertheless. She’s been billed as such since at least 2009, and is not to be confused with the actress in the fake Stephy Tang sex tape, because this story can’t be anything but more and more confusing. 72 Tenants of Prosperity even makes fun of this.

Want to be more confused? Good, because all these The Fruit is Swelling/Ripe sequels are sequels to Crazy Love (which starred Loletta Lee as Loletta Lee – naked!)! Cash Chin Man-Kei knows one thing, and that’s how to make weird films with naked chicks in them. (He even helped direct 3D Sex and Zen!) The Fruit is Ripe 33D’s plot features a magic girl named Peach who goes back in time from 2046 to “find the best seed of mankind”. And I don’t think she means sunflower seeds! 2046 is the most popular year ever in Hong Kong cinema.

The Fruit is Ripe 33D

Sina via HKMDB

A rare photo of Akiho Yoshizawa clothed (partially) and not covered in body fluids or dongs:
Akiho Yoshizawa

Macy Wu Qing-Qing pics are hard to find, so here are two:
Macy Wu Qing Qing
Macy Wu Qing Qing

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