$quid gets posters and trailer

The guys making $quid: The Movie, which started life as a short film and now is being a feature length film, have come up with poster,trailers, and other behind the scenes stuff.

“Their debut feature film is in a class of it’s own. About a giant squid that terrorises a New Year’s Eve cruise on the Brisbane River, the film $quid, which is the brainchild of Brisbane Boys Daley Pearson & Luke Tierney even has it’s own genre.

“We’re calling it a Romster Comedy.”

“That’s a genre we invented which is a romantic, monster, comedy.”

Pearson & Tierney wrote and will direct, produce and edit the new film, which is being shot on location at the Brisbane River.

It will star Aussie actors Ed Kavalee [Thank God You’re Here, Boytown], Josh Lawson [Thank God You’re Here, Sea Patrol], Christian Clark [Neighbours], Henry Nixon [Noise, The Pacific], Brooke Sheehan and Lauren Lillie.

Making of videos on their YouTube page

The trailer:

Official Site

Thanks to Avery for the link

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