Wingnut Web – Opening Your Mouth and Removing All Doubt Editon

Hi-ho, and welcome to another edition of Wingnut Web. Today, we have a special theme from the forums: long, insane ramblings! Yes, these are long and crazy posts filled with hate, racism, and secessionism by supposed patriots. Keep in mind these are the same idiots who would jump down your throat if you dared utter a word against George W. Bush. So prepare to read, shake your head, pound your fist, and just get angry at how dumb these people are.

We shall open with what has to be one of the dumbest, most hate-filled stories I have ever seen in years of reading these sites for a laugh. Constant thread-starter ralph_e copy/pastes this gem in (ralph_e does nothing but start threads that are copy/pastes, he literally doesn’t know how to reply to a thread on their board!)

Well, that story will surely be denounced for being crazy, right?

ralph_e continues to obsess over Obama’s mother

joan knows Obama commits treason daily also FEMA is coming to gas the entire nation

sister carol knows the truth!

Obama is Hitler also Jewish women stare at me with hate eyes over their Jew noses but I don’t know why…

Leah McDaniel has the untold truth of George Soros (who funds this website) and how he wants communism everywhere which has everything to do with black people killing white people in Africa.

So Saddam invented Obama and is secretly backed by Russia.

Greg Carpenter tries his hand at poetry. Bad, crazed poetry.

That’s it for now. I kept the actual number of posts small because their content is rather large. It is a lot of crazy to absorb for once day. Tune in next time to Weekend Web and I might just have stuff from a different website!

2 thoughts on “Wingnut Web – Opening Your Mouth and Removing All Doubt Editon

  1. Let me tell you, racism is ghorrible.
    But there is also the prevalent noawdays”Black people racism”. Yes, it is true.
    I agree with Ann, the Palim family is beautiful and they became disrespected because: they are Christians and not ashamed of it, conservative and white.
    Yes, Michelle Obama is an ugly woman, she indeed has the Gorilla demeanor and looks, her kids unfortunately will lokk klike her because they already resemble her. What makes Michelle even more deplorable is her lack of morals. She had her attorney license suspended for lack of ethics and the media who is in bed with her husband does not say a thing.
    Instead, they made an issue of Sarah Palin’s daugther being pregnant and her family being Christian. Well, if she had Obamas religion ( Muslim – confessed in Al Jazeera and look at his speech in Cairo – bending America over to muslims).Well, if Palin’s daughter were muslim, she would be assassinated to avenge the “shame” of the family.
    So, all of you who lack morals and good sense and elected Obama, shut up. You owe us your life, your blood. Because you absolutely F***up this country for generations to come.

    • You can’t even respond to the correct article, much less make a non-racist statement. No wonder you are in the party of 20% and dropping every day. I only owe you a hearty laugh in your face.

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