Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith (Review)

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Natalie Portman as Padmé
Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker
Ian McDiarmid as Chancellor Palpatine/Darth Sideous
Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu

I didn’t want to go over this movie immediately after I saw it, I wanted to give it time to sink in. What is supposed to be the last Star Wars film ever (at least for the next twenty years.) After some disappointments with Episodes one and Two, disappointments meaning Episode One was HORRIBLE, and Episode Two could have been saved by some decent editing, we get the finale of the Prequel Trilogy, the end of the beginning. From the previews coming down before footage was released some signs were good, the rumors of it being dark, the rumors of the PG-13 rating, the knowledge of certain people dying because they just weren’t in the Original Trilogy. There were some bad rumors as well: Chewie helping birth the twins, Yoda farting, Jar Jar not being horribly killed, and Lucas still directing. The end result? It was actually pretty good, all things considered.

Now I could go on about this film which you’ve undoubtedly already seen, or I can try to make this interesting and go over some of the minor things/hidden things that you may not have caught in your first viewing or you have enough of a life that you know nothing about. We got characters from the Extended Universe popping up, scenes that didn’t make it, cameos from the Lucas family and costumed actors, and the Millennium Falcon making a cameo. We also got some animated gifs to make this a multimedia celebration or something. I didn’t make these, they were culled from fellow goons on Something Awful.

The Millennium Falcon makes an appearance after Anakin and Obi-Wan are docking their ship where all the Senators are waiting to meet them right after they’ve rescued the Chancellor. George Lucas himself has said this IS the Millennium Falcon, not just some Millennium Falcon-type ship. This is pre-Lando Falcon, so who knows who’s flying this, my money is on Robocop.

Jedi death scenes:

Master Quinlan Vos: his death scene is in script/comic, unknown if filmed. Mentioned by Obi-Wan: “Master Vos has moved his troops to Boz Pity” Quinlan Vos Is some Extended Universe character who’s a Jedi who’s lost his memory, or something. I don’t read most of the EU as a good chunk of it is Bantha Poodoo.

Shaak Ti: Two death scenes reportedly filmed, yet none shown in the film. Rumors that means she may show up in the proposed TV series, but I’d wager she’s dead.

Aalya Secura: One of the most visible Jedi, mostly because every geek with a stormtrooper costume wants to play hide the lightsaber with her, and her bright blueness. Fan sites of her now dot the internet like zits on a fanboy’s face. Very horrible fan sex drawings also pollute the internet, scarring everyone who comes across them, making you douse your eyes out with bleach. To my knowledge none of them include Robocop……yet!

Final comments: Several of the Jedi who go to confront Palpatine must have studied at the same fight school as Darth Maul, the “Just stand there and get killed” school.

Threepio being shod in gold has an explanation in the book for Revenge of the Sith. Since Anakin owned nothing because Jedi don’t own material items, when he was given C-3PO by the Lars family, he had him plated in gold and given to Padme, as it was the only thing he could offer her to show his love. As for why C-3PO has one leg made out of silver in the Original Trilogy? Not said. My guess? Robocop.

George Lucas’s son also shows up (in fact, all his kids do, but we shall start with the easiest to spot) When the Jedi are being slaughtered in the temple, Bail Organa drives by and gets warned off, and a Jedi kids jumps around killing Clonetroopers until he is brought down. That is Lucas’s son, Jett Lucas, (What kind of name is “Jett”? Lucas names his kids as bad as he names his characters, Elan Sleazebaggano anyone? ) playing Zett Jukassa (he was also in Attack of the Clones in the Library Scene. as Warpoc Skamini, so his name seems to have been retconned.) Lucas’s daughters Katie and Amanda also show up, despite having normal names. Katie Lucas is Senator Chi Eekway, and she just happens to be talking to Baron Papanoida, aka George Lucas himself. George, or Baron Papa, has himself some blue skin. Amanda Lucas shows up as Senator Terr Taneel. They all can be seen in the Opera scene, along with a bunch of support crew, and some leftovers from the previous movies such as Rystall and Greeata from Special Edition Jedi.

Other cameos include former masked men of Star Wars. Jeremy Bulloch, who was Boba Fett in his suit in the Original Trilogy is Captain Colton, pilot of the Tantive IV as it’s returning to Alderaan. Now there is already a Captain Antilles, so the Tantive IV has two captains, or something. “Captain?” “Captain. Captain?” “Captain. Captain?” “Captain. Captain?” You get the picture. Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) returns as Dannl Faytonni, who he played in the last movie. Keisha Castle-Hughes from Whale Rider pops up as the Queen of Naboo during the funeral procession.

There are a few deleted Scenes including a giant plotline involving senators deleted for clarity, shame because it helps expand the concept of the political aspect, as well as giving some backstory involving the formation of the rebels. Bai Ling blamed her scenes being cut on her Playboy exposure, but as she was in the senator part, her scenes being chopped were probably related to that. There are also some line changes about Padme’s death, originally she was supposed to die from complications due to Anakin’s Force choking, but in the final product, she just up and dies. Lame, we need some real death, not people dying because they are sad. Some of this shows up in the comic adaptation or novel, and apparently so does the next:

Also gone was Qui-Gon. (Qui-Gon is Qui-GONE! So clever I am, waiting for my Pulitzer, I shall be.) His ghost is supposed to return and have a chat with Yoda, while on that space asteroid thing where the twins are born. Instead, we just get him mentioned by Yoda while talking to Obi-Wan, though that does finally explain why the old Jedi disappeared when they died, but none of the dead Jedi in the New Trilogy vanish. Some of us will remember that being a large argument trigger, Qui-Gon not disappearing, turns out lots of people were wrong! Good times.

Not a deleted scene: Ki-Adi-Mundi’s scene in the trailer shows him in a docking bay, yet in the film he is on some planet. They used the same shot, except the planet Mygeeto background wasn’t finished, so they just reused a docking shot. Similar with a shot of Anikan walking, except he never walks like that in the film, so the whole thing is gone. Hopefully Lucas will restore the one second of Anakin walking in the Special Edition, as I think it adds key plot information to the film.

NOOOoooOOOoooOOOooOoOOoOoOOO!!! Finally Star Wars comes up with a counter to KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!

Did the Emperor fake losing to Mace Windu? Of course he did. The whole thing was a setup to get Anakin on his side. Yet this will be debated until the end of time. What fun is life when everyone agrees? Another thing to argue is if R2D2 was acting too much like Herbie the car with his oil squirting hi-jinks. Brought up because Herbie Fully Loaded was shown as a trailer before this film, and it features lots of digital shots, as Lindsay Lohan’s breasts have been digitally reduced in one of the stupidest moves by Disney this side of ending the Pixar deal.

Enough of the rambling. The movie itself was pretty good, the best of the prequels, despite it’s flaws. As fitting a farewell as we will get. I have no problems seeing this multiple times.

Rated 9/10 (Revealed, Bodies in Space, Emperor’s Shuttle, Emperor’s Lightsaber, Epic Battle, Yoda goes violent x2, Ploo Kloon, Final Duel)

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith (Review)

  1. Hey tars, what do you think of the newer Star Wars films since Disney toke over? I think Force Awakens is average. ROUGE ONE is a great film. And THE LAST JEDI is pretty fantastic

    • I have gotten increasingly cold towards Force Awakens over time, it might be my least favorite Star Wars flick now, it is certainly one I don’t bother to rewatch while I’ll even watch the prequels again occasionally. On the other hand, I agree Rogue One is good, despite the fact it is a mess of editing and time crunch and rewrites, the actors and much of what happens helps elevate it into something special. And it just looks neat. I fully understand why a lot of people don’t like it, though. The Last Jedi I have mixed feelings on, the parts I likes I wish were more ingrained in the story, particularly the final scene with the kid feel tacked on but needed to be baked in a bit more. The whole casino planet thing seemed like a big mess, the film probably should have spent another years peculating. Weirdly, not having a strong opinion on it seems to be the wrong take, and people who love it and hate it both get mad at me as they both assume the wrong things about why I don’t have the strong feelings they do. I am eager to see Rian Johnson’s new trilogy as he’ll have the time and support to do something good and not just be stuck fixing JJ’s mess! One of these days I’ll write better articles about them, though I’ve been planning to do that with the Marvel movies too. Hopefully 2018 will see some of those projects done!

      • I cant wait to see both 🙂 Force Awakens has issues. Im honestly looking forward to your thoughts on the marvel films. And maybe BLADE RUNNER 2049. which I loved.

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