Tyra Banks to return in Life-Size 2

Tyra Banks Eve[adrotate banner=”1″]But isn’t Tyra bigger than life now? Not any more, thus her return to this character after a 12 year absence. Not only is Tyra returning as Eve the living doll, but she’s also executive producing and will sing the song from the original film, Be A Star.

In the original Disney Channel movie Life-Size, tomboy and football star Lindsay Lohan used witchcraft to try to resurrect her dead mother, only to have things get complicated and an Eve doll to be brought to life instead, played by Tyra Banks. Lohan scrambles to find a spell to destroy this soulless abomination and return to her necromancer ways, but by then Eve has developed into a real person and every character learns lessons and junk. Then Eve returns to doll form because she’s homesick, not because humanity is a disease and she’d rather not exist than live in this hell.

Lindsay Lohan then grew up to be a trainwreck. I’m not saying the two are connected, but…

No word on if Lohan will be back, but probably not in anything more than a cameo role while the newest shipment from the Disney Channel child actor factory will be cast as the lead. Not that this needs many recurring characte3rs, it should be like the Mannequin films where the only returning person is Hollywood. Nobody else is attached yet, but expect this to hit the DTV airwaves in 2013.

via HuffPo