Cookie Monster is The Biscotti Kid in Sesame Street’s Karate Kid spoof!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Cookie Monster continues his streak through the world of cinema with this take on The Karate Kid. In The Biscotti Kid, Cookie Monster must learn to listen properly in order to get the black and white cookie belt. Also there is a Karate Squid character, a whole song parody of The Glory of Love(!), and even callbacks to the chopstick scene. All in all, you can tell the writers really loved The Karate Kid and were happy to do this homage. And also take a dig at the remake! I continue to love the Sesame Street film parodies, because I am awesome and like awesome things. Don’t you want to be awesome? And you can even learn to listen, a skill far too many people have nowadays. Perhaps these parodies do just as much help on adults as they do on children…

Be the best around and watch The Biscotti Kid, and nothing’s ever gonna keep you down.*

Snacks on. Snacks off. Martial Arts Master takes on Cookie Monster as a student of Biscotti Karate. Can he train Cookie Monster to be…The Biscotti Kid? “Cookie’s Crumby Pictures,” is an all new segment on Sesame Street, teaching kids self-regulation and executive function skills.

*”nothing keeping you down” not guaranteed
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The Karate Kid now The Kung Fu Kid

Jackie Chan
[adrotate banner=”1″]You all knew about the Karate Kid remake, right? With Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith? Jackie Chan producing and as Mr Miyagi? About how the kid was in China yet Karate is a Japanese martial art? Well, they just changed the name to The Kung Fu Kid to solve that one problem! That might be a smart move, because then you can argue it is in the same universe, just we don’t meet any of the original characters. The story claims they changed it to avoid comparing it to the original, but that just means we will compare it to The Next Karate Kid now.