Kung Fu Yoga (Review)

Kung Fu Yoga

aka 功夫瑜伽 aka Gong Fu Yu Jia
Kung Fu Yoga
Written by directed by Stanley Tong
Kung Fu Yoga
Jackie Chan is still a legend, and though he’s running past retirement age, he’s still out there punching bad guys in the face. We get plenty of action in Kung Fu Yoga, a sprawling archeological adventure that spans the whole of Asia while not forgetting to be fun on the way. Fans of CGI lion puking will be especially pleased with Kung Fu Yoga. In an era where Chinese blockbusters can be hit or miss, Kung Fu Yoga delivers a win, even though at first glance you would wonder if it could.
Kung Fu Yoga
Jackie Chan is Jack, the famous Chinese archeologist who is one of the best archeologists anywhere, even though he will repeatedly point out that he’s just one guy and there are many good archeologists in China. Jack is humble, see, but he’s popular enough that the mysterious Ashmita (Disha Patani) has brought an ancient map from her family’s archives that might point the way to the lost treasure of a Chinese army that went to India. We see parts of this flashback in the opening sequence in Playstation-3-o-vision, as CGI Jackie Chan, Aarif Lee, and Sonu Sood battle amidst elephants and nameless troops. Jack and his grad students – Xiaoguang (Zhang Yixing) and Noumin (played by famous yoga practitioner Miya Muqi) snag the son of Jack’s old archeology bud, Jones Lee (Aarif Lee Chi-Ting, and his name is far from the only Indiana Jones reference in the film!) to go treasure hunting! Also Eric Tsang is briefly there because his character owns an oil refinery company that can break through ice. Science and industry, synergizing together!

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It’s Entertainment – Bollywood goes to the dogs!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Don’t you just hate it when you’ve proven that your long-lost father is a gazillionaire who just died and you are now entitled to inherit his entire estate, except for the small fact that he willed it all to his dog? That’s the premise of It’s Entertainment, as Akshay Kumar discovers his windfall is in the paws of another, a canine called Entertainment. Of course, Kumar isn’t going to take this lying down, and vows to murder the dog (and make it look like an accident) so he’ll get all the money. He didn’t count on the dog being smarter than him, and cue a bunch of Home Alone-style traps backfiring on our plucky hero.

Things go from weird to worse when some other relatives show up, actual criminals who want to kill Akshay Kumar and claim the money. The dog Entertainment saves Kumar, and the two then team up to try to take down the crooks. Of course, there are lots of goofy moments and musical productions along the way, including what I hope is a love song between a woman and the dog. It looks like it will be pretty ridiculous, with lots of slapstick humor and dog tricks and scenes swiped wholesale from Kung Fu Hustle. The tagline “Its ‘Bhow’mper… Its ‘Woof’tastic…” shows that puns are alive and well. I’m certainly going to check it out, where else will you have the movie’s hero screaming he’s going to drink the blood of a dog?

It’s Entertainment is the directorial debut of the writing duo known as Sajid-Farhad. Akshay Kumar stars alongside Tamannaah Bhatia, Mithun Chakraborty, Prakash Raj, Sonu Sood, and Johnny Lever. And also whoever the dog is played by. It’s Entertainment opens August 8th.

It's Entertainment