Wrong Swipe (Review)

Wrong Swipe

aka Swipe
Wrong Swipe
Written by Sophie Tilson and Shanrah Wakefield
Directed by Matthew Leutwyler

Wrong Swipe
Just when you thought Lifetime was all out of ways to make you think the internet was coming to kill you, Lifetime reminds you that there are a bajillion new apps that have been made in the past decade, each and every one easily turned into a cautionary tale of how it will destroy you. Today’s Awful App is Tinder, or “Swipe” as it’s known in Wrong Swipe, as a crazed “Swipe” stalker turns the life of our heroine upside down.

Wrong Swipe could have been a discussion about hookup culture, apps replacing actually going out and meeting people, and even throwing in stuff about how some people are so overworked that a personal life is a luxury. There is even a few bits where they directly point out the league of men who think that just because they were swiped on an app they deserve attention and love from the women, including multiple pressure to go out on dates. But all of that is either tossed aside or completely ignored as Lifetime had to go Lifetime it all up with stalking and murder.
Wrong Swipe
Anna Taylor (Anna Hutchison) is a woman who doesn’t have time for dating because she’s in law school. So it’s the perfect time for her sister Sasha (Karissa Lee Staples) to force her into dating by installing the Swipe app on her phone! Heck, Sasha reconnected with her high school boyfriend, Matt (Rhys Ward), thanks to the app. Anna isn’t on good terms with her ex, Nate (Kevin Joy), but she’s still not thrilled about this new dating app. Especially when it suddenly starts giving her GPS notifications that a “Swipe crush” is nearby. The first one is a kid in her class, Todd (Blake Berris), who is awkward and creepy. There’s also a mysterious stalker account sending her messages about how they are destined for each other. Even worse, she does meet up with a high school acquaintance named Jake (Arthur Napiontek), and he tries to spike her drink! Luckily, she had to bail before the drug kicked in. But let’s forget about all those danger situations, because she’s also met a Nice Guy named Pete (Philipp Karner) and things are going swell.
Wrong Swipe
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Wrong Swipe tinders another killer internet movie for Lifetime!

Wrong Swipe Lifetime

Why not date this random guy from online? Nothing ever goes wrong on the internet on Lifetime Channel!

[adrotate banner=”7″]Enjoy that headline pun, people! Just when you thought the internet was all done trying to kill you, the internet tries to kill you! Wrong Swipe is the latest offering from Lifetime about how the internet is dangerous, this time making Tinder the place of danger. So far 2016 has also seen a movie against Uber, which means Lifetime is on track to take down a different app each month. Take that, Dot Com Bubble 2.0!

Anna’s had a tough time getting close to people ever since her father died five years ago and her relationship with her boyfriend ended. Having lost interest in dating, she focuses on school and taking care of her mom and sister, Sasha. With Anna’s best interest at heart, Sasha creates a profile for her on Swipe—a new dating app that matches users via GPS. Though she is reluctant, Anna gives the app a try. Several potential suitors message her, but they all pale in comparison to handsome and charming Pete. Then Anna starts to get disturbing messages and notifications that a match is very close to her proximity when no one should be. Becoming anxious and paranoid, she pushes Pete away. Not knowing who to trust, Anna is pitted against a stalker who looks to be a match from hell prepared to kill for love.

Hmm… a stalker, or does the app have a problem with push notifications? It’s Lifetime, so of course it is a stalker! Never use the internet again, people!

Wrong Swipe stars Anna Hutchison (The Cabin in the Woods), Karissa Staples (Merry Kissmas), Rhys Ward (The Returned), and Blake Berris (The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down. It is directed by Matthew Leutwyler (The River Why), and written by Sophie Tilson (OzGirl) and Shanrah Wakefield (The Ladies & The Gents)

Wrong Swipe premieres Saturday, February 13th on Lifetime Channel! Be sure to swipe right on this one!

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