Damaged (Review)


Damaged Lifetime
Written by Riley Weston
Directed by Rick Bota

Damaged Lifetime
Over the decades, Lifetime has had hundreds of original movies with hundreds of characters who are stupid, crazy, vengeful, or just plain awful people. Yet Damaged features a main character who might be the dumbest person to ever exist in a Lifetime movie. Chris Klein’s Sam Luck makes decision after decision that make you question his judgement skills, endangering his marriage and his job, and everything ends in tragedy because he’s just a complete idiot. It’s a weird film where, while not sympathizing with the villain in the slightest, I feel the hero deserves almost everything coming to him. The only point of regret is his poor wife, who actually doesn’t deserve anything that happens to her (including being married to such a moron!)

I’ve praised Chris Klein’s acting in the past, he was the best part of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, rightfully knowing the film deserved only a ridiculously corny performance. He gives a similar type of performance here, making his character be oblivious and completely without a gauge to know appropriate behavior in public and in private. Sam Luck just sort of wanders willfully into bad situations, and then does his darnedest to pick the worst possible option that sets him up to fail both short term and long term. So let’s praise Chris Klein again, one of the few actors who could pull this character off successfully!
Tasya Teles Damaged Lifetime
Sam Luck is an English teacher at a high school and is married to Kate Luck (Tasya Teles, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever ), who spends most of her time working. They get new neighbors, who turn out to be a teenage girl and her absentee father (he’s never seen). Sam has no problems with wandering into their house during moving in day and striking up a flirty conversation with the young girl, which is really not the sort of behavior you want in a high school English teacher, or most adult men in general. Even weirder, Kate then also wanders into the house and discovers him talking to the young girl, apparently sees nothing wrong with her or her husband entering into other people’s property without their permission, nor her husband’s behavior with a younger, attractive woman. Sam is the kind of moron who thinks Taran Hathaway (Merrit Patterson) is a college student, until she does a Pretty Little Liars and walks into his classroom later that day.
Damaged Lifetime
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Damaged brings the goods to Lifetime!

[adrotate banner=”7″]It’s fitting that Damaged stars someone who is part of the Ravenwood spinoff of Pretty Little Liars, because the plot is straight out of the PLL playbook! Chris Klein (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) is the handsome teacher (!!) Sam Luck, who may or may not be banging young Taran Hathaway (Merritt Patterson – Ravenswood), and his poor wife Kate (the amazing Tasya Teles – The Grumpy Cat X-mas Movie) must uncover just how crazy Taran is as Sam’s life spirals out of control. Also there is crazy revenge going on, but for what? I guess we’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Gorgeous, wealthy, young Taran Hathaway moves into a house in a suburban neighborhood across the street from high school teacher Sam Luck and his workaholic wife Kate. When Sam offers to help Taran with her moving boxes, he is intrigued by the mysterious young woman across the street — until Taran shows up in his English class the next day. Even though he is her teacher, Sam can’t resist being a helpful neighbor and develops a friendship with Taran that becomes increasingly inappropriate as she gives him generous gifts. When Sam’s life begins to fall apart around him — he is the victim of car theft, accused of stealing, and fired for allegedly sexually harassing a student — his wife becomes suspicious of Sam and Taran’s relationship and begins asking questions… realizing that Taran moved to town with plans for the ultimate revenge.

Once again, Lifetime outdoes itself by barely providing any promotional material! Luckily there was a poster for the film on some press releases.

Damaged is directed by Rick Bota (Happy Face Killer), with a script by Riley Weston (The Nanny Express) and Kevin Leeson (Mongolian Death Worm, Riddles of the Sphinx).
Damaged premieres Saturday, January 3 on Lifetime!

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Damaged Lifetime

Happy Face Killer smiles on Lifetime!

Happy Face Killer Lifetime

Guilty of being a man on the Lifetime Network! Oh, and all those murders I did!

[adrotate banner=”1″]When it comes to killing, do it with a smile! That’s what I’ve learned in all my years of watching movies where people get killed all the time, but barely anyone has fun doing it. It’s like people are bothered by all the heavy emotional tolls of murder or something. Luckily, Lifetime is bringing us an “inspired by real-life events” movie called Happy Face Killer. Where else can you watch David Arquette be a creepy murderer besides the movie See Spot Run? Luckily, Gloria Reuben is hunting him down, hunting him down like a dog. Named Spot.

Happy Face Killer premieres March 1st on Lifetime. And, yes, the creepo is a real guy, now behind bars forever.

Inspired by real-life events, “Happy Face Killer” follows the hunt and ultimate capture of serial killer Keith Hunter Jesperson. An aspiring cop turned long-haul truck driver after a failed marriage, Jesperson strangled his first victim following an argument and was back on the road again the very next day, killing at least eight women over a five-year span as he crisscrossed the country. Upset after a woman falsely confesses that she and her boyfriend are responsible for one of his murders, Jesperson begins to taunt the authorities by sending a series of disturbing letters to newspaper editors, even scribbling confessions on the walls of highway rest stops admitting that he loved killing his victims. By signing his morbid notes with a happy face, he earned himself the notorious nickname, “Happy Face Killer” and forever left his mark of fear.

“Happy Face Killer” is produced by Happy Face Productions/Front Street Pictures and executive produced by Tom Patricia (“Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story”) and produced by Harvey Kahn (“Abducted: The Carlina White Story”). The script was written by Richard Christian Matheson (Stephen King’s “Nightmares and Dreamscapes”) and directed by Rick Bota (“Beauty and the Beast”).

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