The Vengeance of She (Review)

The Vengeance of She


Olinka Berova as Carol/Ayesha
Edward Judd as Dr. Philip Smith
John Richardson as King Killikrates
Noel Willman as Za-Tor (yes, Za-Tor!)
Directed by Cliff Owen

Barbarian fantasy movie fever was sweeping the country. Okay, maybe not, but enough of a fan bases existed that someone green lighted this. Meant as a sequel to the Ursula Andress movie She, this film instead bores you for 100 minutes then fills you with a sense of regret for how some of your fleeting life frittered away stolen by a cinematic waste of celluloid. Opens with Our Heroine, She, aka Carol, and eventually aka Ayesha, wandering around a deserted highway somewhere that looks like Greece or Turkey. After a few second of weirdly eerie noises, the “Ballad of She” starts harping out it’s tune of yeech. Finally the credits end and Carol gets picked up by a dirty looking Truck Driver, who decides that it’s rapin’ time! and tries to do the deed with Our Heroine, who runs, and eventually the dirty guy gets ran over by his own truck. A very upbeat beginning.
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