Godaizer short

Godaizer Animated Short. (Full Length 19 min version.) from hilscreate on Vimeo.

[adrotate banner=”1″]Filmmmaker Hillary Yeo put up his animated short film Godaizer in 2011, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you! Godaizer which features giant robots and monsters. At only 19 minutes long, it’s not like you need to get back to filling out those TPS cover sheets that urgently…

Hillary Yeo is a Singapore-based special effects artist, and concept designer Ray Toh is also based out of Singapore.

The objective to make this short is really simple. I wanted to make a animation about the giant robots and monsters from my childhood and memories of living in a kampong (village) with my grandfather and many cousins.

Obviously I hope to have some awesome fights between an giant robot and monster. While at the same time have a story that can be related to those early memories.

Main influence for this is the old giant movies and the old box covers of model kits and toys as well as the old shophouses and wide open spaces that I remembered.

Nothing too deep or complicated. Hope simply just to entertain without feeling having their intelligence insulted and that people feel its worth spending 19 mins of their lives watching it.

Our website is at godaizer.com. See the “making of” at godaizer.com/videos/making-of-godaizer/

Note: In Singlish/Hokkien/Cantonese with some English Subtitles.

Directed and Produced by Hillary Yeo. With support from Media Development Authority of Singapore.
Sound and Music by StereoImage Pte Ltd

Godaizer Robot

Monster Roll is sushi chef vs monster fun!

Monster Roll from Dan Blank on Vimeo.

Monster Roll is a short film being used as a proof-of-concept to pitch a feature flick from director Daniel Blank. It features sushi chefs fighting against giant sea monsters, but most importantly, it has Gerald Okamura in it! It’s short and it rules, so watch it now and hope that someone with a dump truck full of money sees the film and we get a full feature.

Official Site
via Wired
Monster Roll