King Kong returns again once more

[adrotate banner=”1″]King Kong is back again, this time in animated form (again), in a new film which will be done from the point of view of King Kong. I don’t know if this is the evolution of the long-rumored King of Skull Island project. The story is based on Mike Weber’s story (he’s producing) and is coming out of the Fox Animation studio.

A History of Kong movies/shows:

  • King Kong – The original and still the best (1933)
  • Son of Kong – a quick followup made late the same year
  • Wasei Kingu Kongu – a lost 1933 Japanese cash-in on King Kong
  • King Kong Appears in Edo – a lost film from Japan featuring a giant ape attacking Edo from 1938

    Animated musical The Mighty Kong 1998 (where Kong survives falling off the Empire State Building)

  • King Kong fought Godzilla in 1962’s King Kong vs Godzilla
  • The King Kong Show – a 1966 cartoon series that also became inspiration for King Kong Escapes
  • King Kong Escapes is the live action film where Kong fights his robot duplicate
  • King Kong – Dino De Laurentiis’s 1976 big budget remake with a giant King Kong mockup and a climatic battle on the twin towers
  • King Kong Lives followed up ten years later in 1986
  • 1998 gave us the animated musical The Mighty Kong

  • Kong: The Animated Series was an official animated series in 2001
    Peter Jackson remade King Kong in 2005, which was twice as long as the original despite following the same plot and time period

  • 2005’s Kong: King of Atlantis was an animated movie based on the 2001 series made to cash in on Peter Jackson’s film.
  • Kong: Return to the Jungle was the 2006 follow up to Kong: King of Atlantis