Sneezing Panda Viral Video = Real Movie

[adrotate banner=”1″]You all remember that sneezing panda video that people who watch cute videos all day long fell in love with briefly before Random Dancing Baby #1543232 and Cute Cat #95843 stole its thunder? Someone sure does, because they greenlighted a $1.3 million Sneezing Panda fake documentary called The Life and Times of Sneezing Baby Panda! Panda documentary filmmakers Lesley Hammond and Jenny Walsh (who also shot the sneezing Panda clip) team with China Film Co-Production President Zhang Xun to try to make a film that won’t make China freak out, thus losing all that sweet sweet China box office cash!

The plot, as such:
Riffing on the Chinese penchant for going way, way back when telling one’s family story, Hammond decided to employ the techniques used in Forrest Gump or Woody Allen’s Zelig before that to place the ancestors of the Sneezing Baby Panda in crucial roles throughout history.

“One panda’s a terracotta warrior. Another’s on the Long March,” said Hammond, who with former Nine Network news producer Walsh dug through archival footage they’ll incorporate into the film. “You know the famous photo of Nixon sitting with Mao? Using visual effects, we’ll replace the woman interpreter sitting between them with a panda.”

That article also has Hammond bitching because South Park didn’t give them a dump truck full of money when they made fun of the clip, which totally puts me on the side…of South Park!
Be on the lookout for The Life and Times of Sneezing Baby Panda….whenever it comes out. If you care. You can feel my excitement.