Edo period Unforgiven remake is coming!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Tired of all those US remakes of Asian film? Well, let’s flip the script and report on Asian films remaking US films! And this one might be good, as it’s a remake of Unforgiven set in Edo period samurai Japan (actually, it’s set slightly after the 1868 end of the Edo period, in the 1880s.) Westerns and Samurai flicks have a lot of similar story elements that make the transitioning of the story between the two settings far easier to pull off than a lot of other random new locations, and has a well-established history of successfully doing just that. Unforgiven (real title: Yurusarezaru Mono – 許されざる者) will be written and directed by Lee Sang-il, the writer/director of Hula Girls. It will star Ken Watanabe as the main character Jubei Kamata, a famous samurai killer who has hung up his sword and retired, but is forced back into work as a bounty hunter due to poverty. Akira Emoto and Koichi Sato also star.

via AsianWiki

Ken Watanabe

I was the Last Samurai, now I am the Samurai After Last!