Evil Dead (2013) – Contains Evil Things, Dead Things.


She just realized her future is now endless horror conventions.

As I sat in a theater and watched the new take on Evil Dead, I found myself flashing back to last year’s Cabin in the Woods. I was very fond of that film, and it’s amazing how directly it nailed the formula for this kind of movie. There are moments in Evil Dead where I almost laughed because of how the move was following each note to a tee. It even has the “I probably shouldn’t read this evil text” moment. That isn’t to say there isn’t stuff to like in this movie, because it has lots of cool things going for it.

Shiloh Fernandez;Lou Taylor Pucci;Jessica Lucas;Jane Levy

“Thanks for booking us a stay at CreepyTown Inn, dudes.”

Fede Alvarez takes the reigns from Sam Raimi and crafts a brutal bloody film with a budget the original film could only dream of. The plot remains the same, with some tweaks.  A group of friends join Mia (Jane Levy) and her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez) as Mia tries to detox from heroin. They chose to do this at a family cabin in the woods. Years have turned the cabin to rot, and while exploring, they find dead animals in the cellar along with a book bound in flesh. Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) reads from the book and unleashes a demonic presence that heads straight for Mia.

From there, hell is unleashed upon each of the character in various ways, each pertaining to a passage in the evil book. The survivors realize they only way to stop it may be to destroy Mia and the demon attached to her.

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