Spidora – Fred Olen Ray takes to Kickstarter for freak show short film!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Browsing Kickstarter through the Movies category is its own measure of pain, what with the endless “dark” fan films and nerd convention documentaries seeking funding, drowning out the actual interesting projects. So it’s time to salute things that may be of interest to longtime readers of TarsTarkas.NET.

Illustrious filmmaker Fred Olen Ray has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds for a short film called Spidora. Now, we have reviewed a Fred Olen Ray movie or two (or 20), so you might say we are a fan. This will be Fred Olen Ray’s first short film, and the aim is for it to be theatrically released.

In a strange twilight world that exists between the light of day and the enveloping darkness a young drifter falls in love with a Freak Show Lobster Girl who believes that Spidora, the Spider Girl, is trying to kill her.

SPIDORA is a dark journey inside the world of Dr. Graves’ Palace of Illusions; a Museum of Human Oddities where mysterious creatures like Electra, Spidora and Mora, the Lobster Girl, command the stage. It is a world trapped between light and shadow where anything can happen… and does.

Yes, circus sideshows, Spider Girls, and Lobster Girls. Sounds fantastic. Ray is a big fan of circuses and sideshow (which has a long and interesting past association with B-movies and roadshow/drive-in cinema, another thing that Ray is very much a huge fan of!) Jerry Lacy is attached so far. So check out the project if you are so inclined. And hope it does better than “the darkest Joker Trilogy ever!!!”, an actual Kickstarter project I refuse to link to.

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Swamp Shark, Super Shark, Psycho Shark, and Mega Shark II

[adrotate banner=”1″]There are a bunch of new shark movies coming out soon, so here is a look at some of them, the ones we’ve decided to care about because we gotta be selective, don’t you know?

Swamp Shark:
Kirsty Swanson IS Swamp Shark. Oh, wait, Kirsty Swanson IS starring in Swamp Shark. My bad! It’s directed by Griff Furst, son of many-time SciFi movie director Stephen Furst (of Animal House fame) and Griff Furst was also in Transmorphers and Basilisk: The Serpent King.
A sneak peak scene:


Super Shark:
Fred Olen Ray can’t stay away from the shark movie money madness, so now we got another shark film called Super Shark! And this shark can walk! creature effects by BFX Imageworks, Inc.
Starring John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard John Schneider) and Jimmie JJ Walker, along with Jerry Lacy, Tim Abell, Ted Monte, Sarah Lieving, Rebbeca Grant, Randy Mulkey, Shane Van Dyke, Mike Gaglio, and Dylan Vox

Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus:
Asylum sequel to Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, originally titled Mega Shark vs. Giganotosaurus, but that was too close to an actual dinosaur name that was a plant eater, hardly the type to go fight a Mega Shark.

The Megalodon has survived its battle with the giant octopus from the previous film. But now, a new prehistoric terror is discovered deep in the jungles of Africa.
Starring Jaleel White, Gary Stretch, Sarah Lieving, Robert Picardo, and Gerald Webb. Directed by Chris Ray, which will be his third film but may end up the first one released as Reptisaurus and Megaconda both seem stuck in post-production.

It comes out December 21st! Make your Christmas a Mega Shark Christmas!

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid:
Not a shark film, but it sprang partially from the Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus film and Mega Piranha, as Debbie Gibson was in one and Tiffany in the other. Now they’re both in Mega Python vs. Gatoroid and their going to kick each other’s butts! Unless the Mega Pythons or Gatoroids get them first…

Psycho Shark (a.k.a. Jaws in Japan):
College students Miki and Mai arrive on a private beach on a tropical island. They can’t find the hotel where they booked their reservations, and have gotten hopelessly lost, until a handsome young man shows up, offering to take them to his lodge. But something is not right about the place. The owner’s fingernails are tainted with blood and Miki feels something sinister lurking nearby.