Universal giving us a Lego Hero Factory film

[adrotate banner=”1″]For those of you who don’t Lego unless it is to say “Leggo my Eggo!”, Hero Factory is the Lego line created to replace Bionicle, there old cool line of Lego figures that my nephew really liked, but I guess no one else did. So instead, Hero Factory just became more blatantly alien fighting robots. There is a huge complex back story that you can waste lots of time reading about if you’re bored at work.

from Wikipedia

Far away in an entirely different galaxy than our own, there lies the surreal and high-tech Makuhero City, home to the Hero Factory, where new robotic heroes are built every day. The factory was created by the wise architect of Makuhero City, Mr. Makuro, with the intention of upholding peace and prosperity throughout the universe, fighting the worst villains and monsters from all over the galaxy. The main story revolves around the Hero Factory Alpha Team and their allied rookie heroes combating evil on several different planets.

Despite the fact several of the robots have names like XPlode, Drilldozer, Raw-Jaw, Natalie Breez, Rocka, Jawblade, and Splitface, this is not a line of porn stars. As demonstrated by Battleship’s awesome opening weekend haul, the public is really hungry for blatant Transformer ripoffs. Oh, wait, I seem to be reporting news from an alternate reality where Battleship wasn’t a giant bomb. Sorry about that.

Michael Finch and Alex Litvak are in negotiations to write, but that is it for “attached” people at the moment.

This will be completely separate from the other Lego Movie being developed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (the 21 Jump Street directors) which is due out in 2014 and will be awesome. This one better be awesome, too, because they really should have just made a Lego Monster Fighters movie!

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Hero Factory

We're blatant ripoffs of Transmorphers, not Transformers! Get it right or pay the price!