Miss Korea 1995 Han Sung-Ju 한성주 – the latest Korean Sex Scandal

There is a hilarious and confusion sex scandal happening in South Korea at the moment involving a bunch of alphabet letters, sex tapes, the mob, leaked medical records, abortions, urinating on laptops, and “he said, she said” tall tales. So here is what we know, as far as we can tell. Things may be wrong, but what are you going to do:

Han Sung-Ju (한성주 sometimes Han Sung-Joo), Miss Korea 1995, has turned that beauty queen prize into a career in media, namely being a tv star. She is totally not related to the person the Korean media are dubbing Celebrity A. So don’t get any ideas. Wink. There is also Individual B (Celebrity A’s ex-boyfriend) and Individual C (some dude uploading these things to the net)

At some point Celebrity A dated a Korean-American businessman named Individual B. They had a normal relationship where he gave her tons of money to buy all sorts of crap and new boobs, and also abortions. Then he dumped her, so she went nuts and had some mobsters beat him up and made him sign a NDA in his own blood. So Individual B is mad, and gives Individual C a bunch of stuff to release on the internet, including her passport, medical records, and photos and videos of A and B getting it on. The first video was short, but rumor has it more has hit the net. As you can guess, this has caused a media circus of hilarity, especially since everyone keeps using the Celebrity A name. We will all soon learn that ABC isn’t as easy as 123.
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