Edison Chen photo leaker found guilty

[adrotate banner=”1″]Computer technician Sze Ho-chun was found guilty of leaking the photos of Edison Chen with various Hong Kong celebrities including Cecilia Cheung Pak-chi, Gillian Chung Yan-tung, Bobo Chan Man-woon, and Rachel Ngan Sze-wing

HONG KONG : In Hong Kong, a computer technician who leaked sex pictures of disgraced pop idol Edison Chen with female stars, has been found guilty, and faces a maximum of five years in jail. Sentencing will take place on May 13.
24-year-old Sze Ho Chun appeared in Kowloon City’s magistracy on Wednesday, and was found guilty of stealing, copying and distributing about 1,300 photos showing actor Chen having sex with at least half a dozen women, including several Hong Kong starlets.

Sze Ho-chun is not only guilty, he also has Swine Flu!

Sze Ho-chun is not only guilty, he also has Swine Flu!

Chinese Sex in the City to be Gillian's comeback film

[adrotate banner=”1″]We get hit with a boatload of news in one story! First, they are making a Chinese Sex in the City film! Secondly, Gillian Chung will be making her return to movies after the Edison Chen scandal as one of the stars! Thirdly, she’ll be joined by Charlene Choi, the other half of the Cantopop duo The Twins! Fourthly, the other two girls are Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi and Joey Yung Cho Yee!

You better know who the Twins are considering how much we write about them here!

You better know who the Twins are considering how much we write about them here!

Joey Yung is the Queen of Cantopop right now, but most of America probably has no idea who she is.
joey yung

Yumiko Cheng is a former member of the group 3T and is now a solo artist. She occasionally exposes herself on live TV, making her perfect for this film.

Yumiko Cheng takes a break from exposing herself to expose a pig instead!

Yumiko Cheng takes a break from exposing herself to expose a pig instead!

None of the casts’ roles are known, so who knows who will be Carrie, Samantha, the other girl, or the other other girl.
There is also no word on who Mr. Big will be, but my money is NOT on Edison Chen.
Asian Fanatics article here

Gillian Cheung tv interview snippits

[adrotate banner=”1″]Gillian Cheung did an interview this week that will air Saturday about the photo scandal. We have to wait until the weekend to get the whole interview, but little bits have been leaked out. Clips posted online keep getting taken down due to copyright claims, so it is hard to find anything still up. There is some video of the pre-interview stuff up here (in Cantonese) Thus, we have these stories of what she supposedly says!


HONG KONG – HONG Kong pop star Gillian Chung contemplated suicide after explicit photos of her with another famous singer were plastered on the Internet last year, a report said on Friday.

Chung, half of Canto-pop duo Twins, said she was devastated when photos of her with actor Edison Chen appeared on the Web, the South China Morning Post reported.

Chung said the idea of killing herself was only fleeting, the newspaper said. ‘If I died, all my problems will be passed on to the people around me, the people who care about me,’ she said in a television interview due to be screened on Saturday, according to the Post.

Chung was one of several starlets pictured in compromising positions with Chen, who has told a court the images were posted on the Web after his computer was stolen.

Chung said she lost all her dignity when the photos were released. ‘There’s no privacy any more,’ she was quoted as saying.

‘I showed everything to everyone, and no matter what I do I’ll get the blame. But dignity is the most important.’ Images from Chung’s tearful interview were plastered across the front pages of Friday’s newspapers in celebrity-obsessed but conservative Hong Kong, where the photos caused a storm when they appeared in February last year.


‘I blame myself for doing such a foolish thing,’ said Chung, who has kept a low profile over the past year but is hoping to make a comeback in a high-profile ad campaign next week, the report said.

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Gillian Cheung was all tears and full of remorse when she first spoke out about the sex photo scandal publicly during an exclusive interview with TVB host Stephan Chan in Hong Kong on Thursday night.

Snippets of the recording and script from the hour long interview were soon circulated via various media outlets and caused a big splash by early this morning.


As much as she has endured, the actress says she harbours no ill feeling for her ex, Edison Chan, but can not figure out why he did not apologize to her in person after the scandal broke. That’s also what Cecilia Cheung, another victim of the scandal, pointed out in a recent interview.

The actress also confessed she was deeply in love with Edison Chan and “didn’t want to lose it”. That answers why she took such intimate photos with him. However, Cheung bluntly says she does not want to see him again, adding “it is over”.

The actress stressed dignity is the most important thing for her.

During the interview, they also touched upon her favourite film making experience. That is ‘Beyond Our Ken’, a 2004 Hong Kong film starring Gillian Cheung and Daniel Wu.

The story centres on Ching (Gillian Chung), who is dumped by her playboy boyfriend Ken (Daniel Wu). After dumping her, Ken allegedly uploads nude photos of Ching to a website. Ken apparently has a hobby of taking nude pictures of his girlfriends.

Cheung finds it has so many similarities with her real life.


Charlene Choi, the ‘Twins’ partner, also said in response to the scandal that she was quite happy to see Gillian now stand up to face herself and the public.


Source: The title and content are directly translated from The Sun
Translated by travelbug @ http://asianfanatics.net

Blindly in love to have pictures taken, Gillian Chung thought of committing suicide

More ripples from artists sex photo scandal, after Cecilia Cheung’s i-CABLE interview, in which she denounced Edison Chen as ‘shedding crocodile tears’, another participant Gillian Chung (Ah Gil), appeared yesterday for an exclusive interview with TVB to talk about her true feelings. Ah Gil with tears streaming down her face, admitted that she agreed to the pictures because she was afraid of losing Edison and loved him blindly. She revealed that after the pictures were taken she was in a constant state of anxiety, the exposed pictures were ‘hastening her death’, because she felt desperate about her future, she thought about committing suicide. Because she did not want to leave her problems and pain to loved ones and friends, she finally managed to pull herself back from brink of death. About her old lover Edison, Ah Gil complained that he did not even call to apologize and outrightly said she never wants to see him again.


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Part 2 of Cecilia Cheung's interview pulled mysteriousy, Gillian Chung to be interviewed Saturday

[adrotate banner=”1″]So after the first part of Cecilia Cheung’s interview aired, i-CABLE mysteriously decided to pull part 2! What in the world is going on there? No one is commenting, leading to speculation by the bucket full.

i-CABLE calls off broadcast of Cecilia Cheung’s part two interview

Hong Kong i-Cable Entertainment News Channel sent out a press release on Mar 2 to all media, stating that the second part of Cecilia Cheung’s interview will not be broadcasted.

The Channel said, “As some media resorted to different methods and tricks to probe, dig into and even speculate on the content of the second half of the interview, bringing inconvenience to interviewee Cecilia Cheung and the Channel’s staff, we have decided not to broadcast the second half of the interview.”

Their excuse is one of the lamest I have ever seen. So I guess the Edison Chan scandal will continue with more strange things going on.
Meanwhile in Ah Gil land, Gillian Chung will appear on Stephen Chan’s Be My Guest this weekend to discuss the photo scandal. I guess she feels she can due interviews now that Cecilia has started the ball rolling. This one might be interesting as well, because Gillian got the blunt of the blame on the girls’ side due to her company’s horrible mismanagement of the issue. Her “young and naive” speech has been mocked mercilessly for over a year.
Source- AsianFanatics.net
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Gillian Chung during a new photoshoot that will hopefully help relaunch her career

Gillian Chung during a new photoshoot that will hopefully help relaunch her career

More fun Edison Chen stories!

[adrotate banner=”1″]Edison Chen is the gift that keeps on giving if you like crazy dramas. We got three more stories, including more information on what he said at his hearing, and some news of two of the affected girls, Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung:


The Hong Kong pop star at the centre of a sex photos scandal says some of those photos were taken by the women who had sex with him.

Edison Chen was in court today in Vancouver, testifying in a case in which computer technician Sze Ho-chun, 23, was accused of distributing the photos of Chen performing sex acts with well-known starlets.

While Chen admitted that most of the 328 photos submitted in court today were taken by him, he claimed 40 of them were taken by the women in the photos.

Chen was ordered by the judge to answer a question raised by the defendent’s lawyer to identify the four women in the string of sex photos. The four names are: Cecilia Pak-Chi Cheung, Gillian Yan-Tung Chung, Bo Bo Man-Wun Chan and Rachel Sze-Wing Ngan.

In the court today, Chen once refused to identify the women, saying they have suffered enough. But the judge insisted that he must answer the question.

The fact that the women took some of the photos is apparently a big deal for some reason, probably due to the fact many people still believe women can’t do anything sexual and are always the victims of evil men. Whatever. These girls knew what was going on and was cool with it. It should not be a career destroying event, and you would think a country with 1.4 billion people would be aware of sex. Still, things are better than if this happened in India!
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Cecilia Cheung breaks down and reveals inside story of Edison Chen

Source: The title and content are directly translated from Oriental Daily
Translated by travelbug @ http://asianfanatics.net

Confirmed as one of the victims involved in a sex photos scandal, yesterday Cecilia Cheung accepted an interview for the first time since the incident. According to sources, after a year of silence, Cecilia made a declaration of love to her husband; when she talked about her family, her emotions stirred and she cried.

Since the sex photos scandal happened, Cecilia has never spoken in response to this incident. However, yesterday evening in a low profile manner, Cecilia went to Tsuen Wan for an exclusive interview with i-CABLE Entertainment News anchorman and good friend Au Wing Kyun, she stayed there for a long time before leaving quietly.

A year of self punishment
It was learned that during the interview Cecilia poured out her feelings, she even replied when asked sensitive topics. Besides talking about her career, family, father-in-law Tse Yin, mother-in-law Deborah Lai and husband Nicholas Tse, she also mentioned her love connection with Edison Chen. When Cecilia talked about her love relationships, she said someone was dishonest, unreliable, pretended to be a good person, caused the female artists a lot of distress, she also pointed out that someone lied, the content was shocking.

Referring to the sex photos incident, Cecilia said: “I accepted this mistake, I self imprisoned, this year I haven’t seen anyone.” About her family’s support, she wanted to thank her father and mother-in-law, and also gave special thanks to her husband Nicholas for his support, she said: “A good husband like him is impossible to find!” Immediately she couldn’t help crying.

It was understood that during the interview, Cecilia thanked Tse Yin and Deborah for their love and also praised them as ‘over 100 points’ good father and mother-in-law. In addition, Cecilia made a declaration of love to her husband, showing her deep feelings; about her career, she said if there is a good script, she will make a comeback to film. But if she becomes pregnant, then the baby is first priority. When she mentioned her family, Cecilia couldn’t suppress her emotions and started crying.

In fact, Cecilia was interviewed secretly and i-CABLE was very low-key because it was during the sensitive period of Edison’s court hearing. It was known that i-CABLE invited a team of lawyers to filter out the content before airing, also the company was very nervous about this interview and only a few people knew of it.

Nicholas casually said no comment
As for Cecilia’s husband Nicholas, yesterday he appeared relaxed in Chai Wan. Around 3pm, Nicholas and his assistant left his home and went by car to Chai Wan for work. When Nicholas got off his car, he was relaxed, when asked about Edison confirming Cecilia as one of the victims, he put his hand on the reporter’s shoulder and said smilingly: “(We’ll) talk about this later.” Then he went with his assistant to the photo studio. Nicholas stayed for an hour before leaving, when he left he put one hand in his pocket, in this cool pose he let the reporters take as many pictures as they wanted, then he waved goodbye to the media, he appeared friendly and not affected by the incident. Asked how Cecilia is feeling at the moment, Nicholas did not respond, then left in his manager Mani Fok’s car and headed for EEG in Wanchai.

About Edison hoping the victims can lead a normal life as soon as possible, yesterday when Eric Tsang attended an event, he said: “I can see he thinks for the good of the women involved, I will support him, if there is a suitable role I’ll ask him.”

[adrotate banner=”1″]Crienglish has more news of Gillian Chung pretty much committed to having a comeback:

Unaffected Gillian Chung Plans Comeback after Edison’s Hearing

Hong Kong singer-actress Gillian Chung insists on work resumption beginning this March, despite the daunting news that she was confirmed as one of the victims implicated in the Edison Chan’s sex-photo scandal.

When Gillian Chung finally pulled herself together for a promising comeback this March, the confirmation news would actually be so intimidating, however, the actress, courageous enough, decides to face the music and move on along the way.

The singer, reeling from the nude photo scandal since the beginning last year, largely remained out of the public attention since the scandal broke.

But don’t call it a comeback, she’s been here for years! Sorry, I love that joke.
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Edison Chen in court over sex photo scandal

[adrotate banner=”1″]Edison Chen appeared in court in Canada for the trial of Ho Chun Sze, which is taking place in Hong Kong. This is all about the sex scandal incident known as SexyPhotosGate (and other names) where photos of him and many Hong Kong actresses and performers were released on the web in early 2008. He took the stand to declare that he didn’t release the photos and to defend the women who are the subjects of the pictures.

Did you catch Edison Chan’s three second appearance in The Dark Knight?


A RELUCTANT Edison Chen was ordered by the Canadian judge to confirm the identities of some women in the pictures. They are actress Cecilia Pak-Chi Cheung, actor-singer Gillian Yan-Tung Chan, former actress Bobo Man-Yu Chan and model-actress Rachel Sze-Wing Ngan. The series of photographs showing Chen in bed with eight of the country’s best-known actresses and singers surfaced on the Internet in January 2008. Chen said that the computer was taken for repairs in the summer of 2006. He said he thought he had deleted the images from the computer.

‘That strongly led me to believe that there was some foul play in this computer store,’ he said.

Chen also testified that he noticed that a second laptop went missing when he was moving last year, but told the judge he did not disclose his password to anyone.

Then on Jan. 29, 2008, he said his friends started contacting him about the images circulating on the Internet.

‘This was a very huge shock to me,’ Chen told the court. A month later, a police inspector showed him a compact disk of photographs.

‘Of course, I had seen these pictures. I took these pictures. They were in my personal computer,’ he said.

edison chen bobo chan

‘A well-planned attack’
Edison Chen testifies in racy photos scandal

VANCOUVER (British Columbia) – THE Chinese-Canadian film star in a racy scandal over photos that showed him in bed with eight of China’s best-known actresses and singers testified on Monday against the person accused of accessing his private laptop, which held the images.
Edison Chen, the Vancouver-born star who moved to China as a teenager, testified in a British Columbia courtroom for the trial of Ho Chun Sze, which is taking place in Hong Kong. Ho faces three counts of obtaining access to a computer with illegal intent. Chen refused to return to Hong Kong for the case but he agreed toa deposition in Canada. Hong Kong Chief Magistrate Tong Man flew to Vancouver to hear the evidence.

Canadian Department of Justice lawyer Kerry Swift said the testimony will become part of the case in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong judiciary is allowed to take testimony under a mutual legal assistance treaty and Chen’s testimony will be presented in the Hong Kong case as a deposition.

‘I’m quite a private person. I enjoy my privacy. I need my privacy,’ said Chen, star of a popular series of Hong Kong action films. ‘This was never meant for anyone else to see.’

Chen told the judges he would not answer questions about the women. ‘I am determined to protect their innocence,’ he said.

‘They have suffered enough.’ — AP

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Chen said he didn’t disclose his password to anyone and in fact had erased all the images from his computer before it was serviced in the summer of 2006.

“At the time I didn’t know there was such a thing as encryptable data or securing your trash or doing any of that. So in my opinion, when I deleted the file and put it in the trash bin it was deleted,” he told the court.

It was only after the photos and the scandal spread that he said he found out there were many ways to recover previously deleted files.

Chen became argumentative under cross-examination from defence lawyer Kelvin Lai.

He only grudgingly confirmed the names of four of the women.

Chen said everything in the photos between himself and the women was consensual.

“There was nothing forced,” he said.

And he adamantly rejected a suggestion from Lai that he’d moved the pictures to devices other than his computer.

“There’s no way I would make these photos mobile like that.”

Chen told the trial earlier that he went on the Internet to see the photos shortly after his friends started contacting him about the Internet pictures.

“It was more of an attack – a well-planned attack. In the way the images were released. Meaning they were in spurts, like two or 20. The next day it would be 80 and then another day it would be 100,” he testified.

Gillian Chung
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Meanwhile, Gillian has agreed to appear in an interview about the scandal..

Gillian Chung to share impact of sex photo scandal on talk show

Gillian Chung, whose career was badly affected by the outburst of sex photo scandal involving Edison Chen last year, will be resuming work next month by starting on movie and commercial shoots. Chung may also be answering a talk show invite where she will reveal her life and emotions after the scandal in the past year.

Her first strike back into showbiz will be James Yuen’s new movie, where the role as a third party in a relationship is said to be “made-to-measure” for her. Her partner in girl group, Twins, Charlene Choi will cast as the “official girlfriend” in the love triangle. According to Hong Kong media reports, CEO of Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), Albert Yeung, has invited Andy Lau, who has a healthy image, to “shield” Chung in a successful return, by casting together in several movies.

Chung is now also an East Asia endorsee for a particular jeans brand and has secretly started on the commercial shoots. She will begin the promotional events in Hong Kong.

Other than these, Chung will be taking on an interview by CEO of TVB, Stephen Chan, on his popular talk show “Be My Guest” where she will talk about how the sex scandal has affected her. Chung and EEG did not state what questions should be avoided on the show but requested for the filming to be closed to media. With regards to this, Chan said, “Nothing has been confirmed as yet.”